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Here. Is the list for today. It is the fourth of february. Twenty twenty one. Christopher mole celebrates today. Nancy nichols has happy to strong handsome brave boyfriend. Dawn of con- Turned fifty one today. Vanessa campbell's has happy birthday to her husband. Mark celebrating tomorrow dude named brian will be thirty eight on the eleventh Theran rosie's celebrating on the thirteenth. Did you just heard anonymous and bj consulting group. Say happy birthday to sir bill of osaka. It's a real thing. Ataman turns thirty three and corey. Feral is happy birthday to andy smith from new zealand. And we say happy birthday from everybody here the best podcast that universe panini want be. You just heard New title announced. And here we're making officials. Acid of the avian woods becomes barren chris of the koala highlands and the night of the rare encounter and we appreciate his top up to complete yet. Another one thousand dollars to support the no agenda. Show the best podcast in the universe and we have that one two three three nights to hop today. So this guy the triple blade very got it. Richard gavin mcelroy. In all of you gentlemen please step up here on the podium. You're about to become members of the roundtable. The no agenda nights endanger a well deserved. And i'm proud to pronounce the case as sir richard of burbank. Five sir gavin. Executor of serious matters adam. Gentlemen we've got hookers and blow rent boys in chardonnay by request. We've got paths blue ribbon from the french laundry matto. On rice we also got This staples here beer and blunts luminous living in rosa budgets burma's spark inside of course ginger ale and gerbils and yes. Yes yes we have the mutton mead lined up for you go to know agenda nation dot com slash rings eric. The she'll take care of that for you. There is also a new email address to make things easier for everybody If you have a note for the show there's one address and i'm going to put this in the show notes everywhere. It'll be standard notes at no agenda. Show dot net. It's the three ends notes at no agenda show dot net and that way you're not guaranteed to arrive. It'll arrive what happens with that. you know. We're still the same back office. We're still a small little podcast. We appreciate Our brand new nights. Welcome to the roundtable. And thank you for your courage and we did have a number of meet ups taking place. They're very popular and it's just so nice to see that the show lives outside of the podcast wants him. Guest four meet ups from around the globe. We start with the puget. Sound convergence. Zone meet up reports in the more nogent tribe this billy bones. Night a twin peaks. Ko in the morning. It's dame rose. And guess what. I'm sober in the morning. The future sir hopscotch in the morning. And this is inga. And i am still a douche bag from america's left coast. This is random rose. This is happy jack. Good morning good morning. This is elliott jaques part of the military and parties. So stoked about tagger up is up. I am one of elliot. Will's friends. Miguel this is. Trevor noah. zhenmeat up. Follow me on ojeda social at trevor. Take thomas here number four in more green bay. Hi you guys. And laura report we have about twenty five lines drinking small batch beer and fisting nuts. The group wasn't exclusively smoke wise. We also had viscounts air nights and some dudes named ben and of course a couple do spags. Let's hear from them. Now in the morning baronet sir fina coma patriots nation. I am telling everybody that. I know dame jennifer from back as a shark in the morning. This is big steady from doty island. Nash in the morning. Jay from green bay wrexham green bay adam adam kaufman natia ser kyle kenzo baronet and green bay in green bay in the morning jason in green bay in the morning from seed albert in the morning. How guess fake but in the morning and was a big meet up. That's a big meeting or in green bay. That's football for them. It is the ex green bay. What is the covert status of green bay. Is it They lock longtown. Well brooklyn is the opposite of this report. It's the boy in bushwick at the new york. No agenda protest. We relocated to glenda the good bus Mike schwab here with our human resource. Oh hey yeah So y'all tried to have a meeting but apparently there's no agenda so he showed up and there was a film shoot going on. so yeah. we're we're here in my unicorn. Rainbows school bus. We wrote around and Had her own little cast here of characters. This is andros long island stay safe. John david gazette from brooklyn. There's way too many fucking cameras here. Okay this is. This is michelle joni by the way you should google me and we're going to reschedule a meet up for good old brooklyn something out. Yeah brooklyn which locked down. But that's no problem for the film crew to be out apparently just to mind immediately. Why does hollywood film crew get. Get a pass on this. Because they release beta they be the elites twenty five people in green bay by the way twenty five. That's a bad ass. Meet up fairness amita up. Final one is melbourne. Get this is uh. Max rocket out of the soviet socialist republic of korea in the morning. Adam fairness love and light. Thank you baroness. Love loads partner live from melbourne. Thank you adam for everything state scores with my touch. My terrible ditch exit. Could i could i john. C the voice on the do that. Great shark cement. Melvin volcanic victoria here in the morning. Everyone douche bags and produces alliance Produce in the morning man. So you know if you don't have foam by now you should because this is happening people around the world are meeting up. They've never some have but most have never met each other. They probably come from very different backgrounds and yet they can all come together. Have a good time yell and shout and drink and have fun and exchange crazy things and it's got to be good for the soul. Man is for brooklyn well. Brooklyn's got problems. Brooklyn is got problems. But we're with your brooklyn karma for you quick rundown of the meet ups that Are happening tomorrow. We have one in bellingham. Washington is the vaccination marketing conference. That's what we call a meet up these days. It'll be gruff brewing. The houston hackers meet tomorrow at six o'clock Nympheas mexicana katina katina on the six bozeman. Belgrade montana now is that The be saturday then is at saturday..

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