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The w but it gets better than that. John Lester now has the number one ERA in baseball one one six and moat. Christopher Camco the great Chris camp who you should follow at sea Cam Twitter. He's our NBC sports, Chicago researcher, most starts of six or more innings and one zero earned runs allowed from twenty fifteen to the present. Here's a three way tie at the top. Jacob degrom. Justin Verlander, John Lester. Then at fifty that's fifty seven fifty five. He got sherzer fifty four area to fifty three Kershaw fifty Chris sale. So my point is John Lester is getting better with age guy has just been sensational hundred sixteen pitch outing last night after a fifteen inning game. That saw the cubs. Go eight innings of one hit no run baseball. The bullpen on Saturday. We'll get Tyler chat winning a minute. John. Lester did what they needed last night. And when Schwarzer Buddha dead ball in left field. I know it was raining and windy, but he's got to make that play. They were able to wriggle out of a big big inning. And then Kinzler came in and was sensational and the cubs win. That is a really good win. It is John Lester has been the workhorse. He is not missed a step since he came back from the hamstring injury goes out there. And again, these guys are playing tough conditions. These are not ideal. That all God bless cubs fans for sitting through like Saturdays fifteen inning marathon and last night's miserable weather to watch their beloved team a pick up another victory. But he was great k b is hot as can be looks like MVP Chris Brian about him playing first base yesterday with Rizzo out with a back ailment. We'll find out the severity of that. When we talked to Anthony Rizzo for his weekly visit later here on capitol company this week. But look they go eight and two on the homestand. They've twelve of fourteen they've got the best record win percentage. Wise in the National League. They got an out to game cushion over the brewers, and they book ended this home stain against their two. Biggest rivals a sweep the cardinals. And they take two of three from the brewers phenomenal eight and two homestand. They had on the road after. A day off today and this was their second consecutive Sunday night game. They'll play their third consecutive Sunday night game at Washington next Sunday night. Kyle Hendricks is going to pitch in that game. Watched him. Do a really interesting interview with the guys with Jessica Mendoza, Memphis Gershon and era, and then they have been announced now for the June sixteenth Sunday night baseball game against the dodgers. That'll be fun. Can't get enough. They run on a Sunday night. Apparently. But no, it's I like the way things were spread up. Danny was saying an appreciation meeting that there was almost too much sports to to consume yesterday with the two game sevens in the NBA. And with the cubs playing at six I loved it. I thought everything's spread out nicely. And for those that needed to watch game of thrones or billions, or whatever you're liking is it kinda worked out in your favor. You're able to kind of see it all if you you work the remote on. Yep. Dive over to see Kawhi Leonard hit the most insane shot. We'll get into that. But I want to play some audio from last night's festivities at Wrigley field. Joe madden. Post-game said John Lester was able to just get through the. A few difficulties in that game. The wind knocked the ball Donald Schwab a couple of ground balls in the wrong spot. And but he kept battling through it. He's been so good at pitching through adversity making pitches when he needs to he's really slow the game down as as well as you possibly can. And was at one sixteen we needed all that. Here's John Lester post-game ongoing, one sixteen try to save him as best. I could. I mean, we all know coming in. Washy game today before you know, what what you need to do to was trying to get as many quick outsi- could early on. I was able to do that for the most part. So lucky made the big pitches he had to make and then when they yanked him and Kinzler command any froze Hayes Zeus Aguilar with a two seamer that ran back on the outside edge. And it was a strike absolute a hell of a pitch man that was a cow Hendrix style to seamer that runs back and clip the corner, and they get the strikeout in a huge huge moment. John Lester was exceptionally. What's the right word, not emotional? Exceptionally pumped up as he came off the mound on one play. You see him pumping his fist and yelling to the sky. And then when kids got the strikeout. Yeah, he's still. So it was cool. The see some great defensive plays. How by as with the great throw home to cut down a runner earlier game sensational sensational. That was a big time player get Aguilar. And then I thought Kris Bryant playing I in relief of Rizzo who didn't start because of the bulky back thought he was really good over. Although he was dressed like it was a nuke of the north. He had hid these from the Starling Castro collection member when Castro used always. Yeah. He had that Iraq the race car driver. I mean, hey, whatever works for you. But I don't see him. Usually does he usually wear that. When he plays third just seem maybe the winds will different there. I guess maybe here's Joe Manton Kris Bryant at the top of his game. D looks really sharp is confidence is way up. He played a great space to play where he turned a double play. Really smart. But that one ball was hit hard that he had to pick two aside. He got side. Which was the right thing to do on that just playing with a lot of confidence playing everywhere. People always wonder whether they could hit or not by playing variety of different positions. I think he actually thrives when he does that. He also talked about why Brian excels at those other positions as just keeps it fresh for him. I think he likes the freshness of it. I think it also probably takes something off the hitting expense. More time thinking about his defense is able to utilize athleticism. I think it keeps it fresh. That's probably the best way to describe it. I don't know if there'd be a lot of stars that would agree to go play first base. If if they're manager walked up to him. Like, I mean, obviously he goes out to the corner outfield. Plays left occasionally write a big deal right field as well. But you know to go up and say, hey, Brazil back tightened up yesterday. And that crazy fifteen inning marathon. Can you give it a go at first? That's your problem. I got an employee as well as he did. He was really really good. Chris was asked about playing first base after the ballgame. I knew his wasn't feeling great yesterday. So I kinda.

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