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Freely this <Speech_Male> year's theme is the Wild <Speech_Male> West Time <Speech_Male> of liberty and opportunity <Speech_Male> or <Advertisement> a time <Speech_Male> of anarchy and violence. <Speech_Male> Maybe both <Speech_Male> go to freedom fest dot <Speech_Male> com slash <Speech_Male> F. T. L. and <Speech_Male> get your tickets now. <Speech_Male> Freedom Fest <Advertisement> Dot Com <Speech_Male> Slash F. T. <Speech_Male> L. Not convinced <Speech_Male> yet. Hey I understand. <Speech_Male> It's a high end event <Speech_Male> even with <Speech_Male> Coupon Code F. T. <Speech_Male> L. E. sure <Speech_Male> you're likely to receive <Speech_Male> investment advice. <Speech_Male> That'll make that some seem <Speech_Male> paltry. I <Speech_Male> have something special <Speech_Male> for you. GO TO FREEDOM <Speech_Male> FEST DOT COM <Speech_Male> SLASH FTL and <Speech_Male> you'll get the five <Speech_Male> best best speeches <Speech_Male> from last year <Speech_Male> for free call <Speech_Male> it a test drive do <Speech_Male> yourself a favor <Speech_Male> and go to freedom fest <Speech_Male> dot com slash F. <Speech_Male> T. L. freedom <Speech_Male> fest dot com slash <Speech_Male> F. T. L. use <Speech_Male> coupon code F. <Speech_Male> T. l. e. <Speech_Male> for a discount. If <Speech_Male> you want to know the <Speech_Male> latest about free <Speech_Male> talk live before <Speech_Male> we go on the air. <Speech_Male> All you need to decide <Speech_Male> is how you want <Speech_Male> it delivered. It's your <Speech_Male> choice visit <Speech_Male> news. DOT FREETALKLIVE <Speech_Male> DOT COM <Speech_Male> to receive are usually <Speech_Male> weekly news updates <Speech_Male> by email <Speech_Male> plus. We have a twitter <Speech_Male> account at twitter <Speech_Male> dot freetalklive <Speech_Male> dot com and <Speech_Male> you can follow all of us on the <Speech_Male> decentralized mastered <Speech_Male> on platform <Speech_Male> at toot Dot <Speech_Male> freetalklive dot <Speech_Male> com so please <Speech_Male> follow us at two <Speech_Male> DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT <Speech_Male> COM and sign up <Speech_Male> for our emails at <Speech_Male> News Dot Freetalklive <Speech_Male> Dot com <Speech_Male> <Silence> are you a crypto currency <Speech_Male> advocate the crypto <Speech_Male> tip his <Advertisement> the ideal <Speech_Male> outreach <Advertisement> tool <Speech_Male> to help people discover <Speech_Male> crypto currency. <Speech_Male> It's a printable business-card-sized <Speech_Male> tip that <Speech_Male> you can give to service <Speech_Male> providers preferably <Speech_Male> in addition to a good <Speech_Male> cash tip when the server <Speech_Male> scandal Q._R. Code. <Speech_Male> It'll bring up an explanation <Speech_Male> of crypto currency <Speech_Male> how to install <Speech_Male> a wallet and allow <Speech_Male> them to claim the tip <Speech_Male> if they don't claim the Crypto <Speech_Male> you get your tip <Speech_Male> refunded to you. After a <Speech_Male> time period you specify <Speech_Male> plus if they do <Speech_Male> claim the tip you get <Speech_Male> an email alert <Speech_Male> create as many tips as <Speech_Male> you want at crypto tip <Speech_Male> dot org. That's crypto <Speech_Male> tip dot org <Speech_Male> now <SpeakerChange> you can <Speech_Male> follow n._F._l.. <Speech_Male> On the decentralized <Speech_Male> mastodons <Speech_Male> social media platform <Speech_Male> at two <Speech_Male> dot dot <Speech_Male> F._M.. To <Speech_Male> Dot L. <Speech_Male> DOT <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Advertisement> <Silence> <Advertisement> <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> is <Speech_Music_Male> free. Talk <Advertisement> live <Speech_Music_Male> eight <Advertisement> fifty <Speech_Music_Male> five four <Advertisement> fifty <Speech_Music_Male> three. Hey <Advertisement> I wanna <Speech_Music_Male> tell you <Advertisement> about my <Speech_Male> magic <Advertisement> mud. <Speech_Music_Male> My <Speech_Music_Male> magic mud is <Speech_Music_Male> now this <Speech_Music_Male> is for your teeth but <Speech_Male> bear with <Speech_Male> me black <Speech_Male> tooth with Polish <Speech_Male> yes it <Speech_Male> is black and yes <Speech_Male> it worked. It's made of <Speech_Male> Charlize D- <Speech_Male> I would call Okinawan. <Speech_Male> I'd call <Speech_Male> it a powder and not a <Speech_Male> Polish. <Speech_Male> It <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> gives <Speech_Male> the idea of shoe <Speech_Male> Polish <Speech_Male> definitely <Speech_Male> don't want to put black shoe. <Speech_Male> Polish CHANU ten <Speech_Male> sounds. I tried that <Speech_Male> it just didn't work. <Speech_Male> This is much more pleasant. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> It's a powder but <Speech_Male> it is clinically proven <Speech_Male> to whiten teeth. <Speech_Male> Absolutely <Speech_Male> it is pretty <Speech_Male> cool product. I <Speech_Male> know a bunch of US <Speech_Male> ran into them. At <Speech_Male> the Porcupine Freedom <Speech_Male> Festival several years <Speech_Male> ago MHM and <Speech_Male> many of us took <Speech_Male> it home and it's <Speech_Male> good to see them <Speech_Male> doing well. They <Speech_Male> are doing so well. <Speech_Male> You can get it in most <Speech_Male>

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