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They are more or less likely to catch city. It changes often. Today, today changes in often. I can tell you that they went at the base. I can tell you about the lane, you know, obviously it's easy to things that didn't go well. But right now, the one. And right now, that's ultimate matters until they get to play Manchester City. Then every single thing that they do will have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be. Well, they have to win every game, but when I say perfect, they can get away with it with some of the teams that they're going to be playing between now and Manchester City. If they make the mistakes that they did particularly in this game against Manchester City, then they'll get punished. And that's the difference between that game and a lot of the other stage in the Premier League. Sometimes you don't get punished, where something pony, but as I said, they've got some games to sort that out before they face Manchester City. And what probably will be the desire for me. Tight, isn't it at the top of the table and in the relegation zone as well as we saw today leads lose by one goal to nil against a Leicester Harvey Barnes goal proving to be decisive between the two sides. This is a much improved performance from Leeds under the tenure of Jesse marsh, his first game in charge, Stevie. A lot of positives to take from it, but in the end, zero points. Yeah, I've seen it so many times. You know, this game, you just.

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