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Three of them they are dot com we have been talking to Brian Garcia who is a member that sent the Union High School unity Tempe Union High School district shame on me I live in that district the rents are Sierra who is an Arizona state represented representing I think it's just a nineteen correct Avondale Tollison in southwest Phoenix okay that would that be like Levine a little bit of a leap a little bit of Levin a little bit of Maryvale is that becoming less were all living said yes very much so okay it was was this farm community in the middle of the city into a very as was Avondale adjusters stream of thought consciousness thought having nothing to do with anything we're talking about but that you said that when you bring people in you asking three questions tell us what they are we tell them three questions that we believe everybody including ourselves you Mike and myself that when we're talking to people with a sub consciously asking ourselves three questions so this is really heavy duty for the Canada which is the first question is do you know what you're talking about right so we've made a lot of people in our lives that are talking to us and all your hearing is while while while while because you're not getting throw because we are you asking are they knowledgable or what it's a matter of knowledgeable it's a matter of how they express themselves as a matter of what their passion is it's a matter of knowing what division of changes and why so why is that important so do you know what you're really talking about so when Brian was knocking on doors to get elected to the school war does she ever really want to feel safe if they're going to give the hand support that he knows what he's talking about that he knows what the issues are and hopefully has some stories to share with that so we don't put people to sleep we we have a phrase at leading for change which is fax raise eyebrows but stories can change minds both are very important things so the first question is do you know what you're talking about the second question that we believe in that you and I again do ourselves when somebody's talking to us is why should I trust her so it's really hard as Lorenzo said when he was knocking on doors and he had to bring it down to under thirty seconds they have to be able to exudes something that makes a person feel like I can trust him without giving them his sixteen page resume so so the first one I got out of his to his injured short introduction by the way is I'm here to listen what's your problem I I doubt is totally disarming and I and I thought I think a very great way to begin any converts actually the makes you kind of trust him almost right on that without knowing anything about it exactly I do know is that right I do know we at least professes to want to hear from me and I'm pretty important celebs that so I'm pretty bored to me anyway so that's a very gratifying thing to hear right and then the last question as what you're thinking you and I am thinking in our minds is why should I support you now and so when you are Canada why should I support you now relates to more than one thing which is why should I give you money now why should I volunteer for you now and building a volunteer base is not as easy as many people think and then why should I vote for you so those are the three questions that we believe hello sub consciously thinking when you are presenting yourselves to them and you have to get that across them whether it's in a debate whether it's at a house party whether it's over the phone or whether it's knocking on the door even if it's in a direct mail piece if you're not addressing knows we all know what we do with all male the next day Sir Brian Lorenzo do you feel like you had a good answer to that question when you walked into her program I believe I I learned it I think part of it was I came in with a lot of board a community board experience on a lot of non profits even some some some big ones but as I grew as a candidate and as a servant I saw where my weaknesses were for example in in in every candidate talks about jobs especially a couple years ago jobs jobs jobs was the big thing so I took it upon myself to even know more about workforce development so that even at the door if someone said well my son's looking for a job and and this other person looking for jobs I would give the resources that they needed right there and then to say okay here's who you gonna call tell Michael due to call and they'll get you they'll get your son some some training or get them into a program to where they can find somewhere to work so it was it's actually walking the walk when when you're talking about those things I needed finance experience so I got on to the board of a local credit union and probably know more about finance and I've ever wanted to know but it's not it's it's taking those risks and those jumps to make sure that you're giving your other people at your privilege to serve the best possible representation Brian how do you feel about your ability to answer those questions the day you walked in I mean the first thing about Tom is just slow down I talked way too fast in focus way too much on data and not enough on personal stories and I think that's ultimately what helped me Ned as at you know sit on the school board was because we really connected with the personal stories of our family members in the community and that at the end of the day is the most powerful thing that anyone running for office could do I think the mistake everybody makes is we we try to talk to people in a way that would appeal to ourselves I mean I say this as I'm data analytics guy and that's by default start and that isn't always necessarily the best way to communicate and less you're talking to somebody very much which is a sliver so what I'd like to ask each of you if you were to talk to you got somebody knocks on your door and says I'm thinking of running for office not yours but some other one what what will be the biggest takeaway that you would give them well for example if they're running for my school board and there are a number of folks are planting that right now is you know why specifically our school board and why is it that you want to do on the school board because granted there we don't get paid right to the minimum requirements for you to show up to a board meeting meetings but that shouldn't be there only thing that you do granted myself and other board members are constantly on the community I just came back from orientation for one of our high schools and today we have a grand re opening well that there for one of our feeder schools and so it's really about being engaged in the community as much as you can rather than just showing up to do in a vote on the business at some more about engaging and really being there as much as you can because if not then most of the board members that will be on there you know for a while one will lose touch with the reality of what we're struggling with okay wonderful thank you both I I what I told Beth should have a few minutes a few seconds here at the end to tell us what's upcoming with their program our next program actually starts in January so it's real simple your listeners can go to AZ leading for change dot org and this information right there on the candidate training I invite you to have the courage and to step into that leadership if you're even considering running for office whether it's twenty twenty or ten years down the road to prepare yourselves because we need to create a democracy that's reflective of all of our communities well that's a good conclusion thank you very much Beth Meyer Brian Garcia Lorenzo Sierra good luck to all of you and the data which keep taking those calls the seat next week in the think tank Scott was it will raise here Hey folks it's August which means it's hot it's humid and if you have pets you've probably got pet odors you see when the 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