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One of those things where people think well that seems kind of sleazy why would he have that job if not for his who his father was a very bright guy the question kind of asking is now well he said he regretted having done it speech himself to grow name oh my gosh he just throws him under the bus hardcore don't that was my fault i had nothing it was all hit my son in my son that is he and he said that now but in a previous interview he said i stand behind everything my son has done he's done everything right i stand behind everything okay so first off that interviewer viewer sucked and that was the worst the name is sheet what was her name savannah guthrie savannah guthrie that was awful is she is is hunter biden vet intimidating that she can't just formulate a follow up here is is stumbling over so so many ways to attack that right there for one okay well i'll just go to the most basic you just through your son of the bus he just threw us under the bus and said that was all on him and he she asked him don't you think that appeared appeared to be sleazy i think so we're asking in the nicest this is possible way yeah but even using that word 'age that right there would mean that biden would have to recuse himself from being the point man in ukraine because it says if there's even the appearance corruption or the appearance prince of you have to recuse he never even thought about that she didn't ask him about the fact that the same guy he went to work with he lobbied to get that guy a visa just a few weeks slater now this was a guy and i'm gonna get in trouble here because we're going to reveal this a little bit later in the week spoiler alert but i'm gonna give this to you guys because i love you this is a guy one hundred biden got a visa for that actually was had his entering band because he was caught in a huge scandal arming militias with chainsaws with beheadings in the country but then all of a sudden wants hunter biden goes to work for him he's like screw it let's give them a visa to come back in the united states i mean absolutely insane just the amount of questions that journalists won't ask these candidates and the information is out there and i don't think it's because biden's an intimidating guy i mean look at him he's bleeding from his eyeballs question she did seem to be a little bit frazzled when he's kind of leaning in he's getting a little like he's getting worked up and so you don't really we know what he's gonna do and this is why you gotta worry about him in the general election because it doesn't matter if the moderator asks a question donald trump is going to ask the question and so if he can't handle the pressure keeps building and the evidence keeps building now he's not even trying to debate and he's saying i don't know what he did he's a grown man that's not gonna work that's not gonna convince voters and so i think he's in trouble questions keep coming up and they're not going to be a soft as that one that we saw donald trump is so easy for him on this debate all it's for he it'll be going back to it just keep hitting hitting hitting he's he's a master stir at that just keep going at it and bernie will explode i am sorry joe biden me to land thing with bernie right there i would love to see a great policy debate between the two but i don't think that will actually get to see it i think it will devolve into more of that yelling back and forth but that would be i would love it because we have not seen a slam dunk against you know bernie saying the nordic model okay slammed that right here easily trump style do not getting into the weeds about statistics and all that i can't let's see donald trump focusing on that as jason mentioned thursday we have the ukraine special it is ukraine the final piece of the billion in dollar question it is of course like i said thursday february six at eight PM eastern seven PM central it will be on blaze TV it will be on youtube by the way it will be the on blaze TV for free we want you guys to see it we're not trying to charge you for it we don't want you to pay for it we need to get the information out there this guy has worked tirelessly to get all of these pieces of the puzzle together and you are trust me i got a little bit of a little sneak peak from him not gonna i don't wanna miss it all right that's all i'm gonna say we'll back in a minute uh all right dudes wasn't just because she says that.