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The top. There's a number of short videos there that you can watch that will teach you the basics. And really, it's time to learn about this critical world changing information. But if you already know about it used up Bitcoin dot com has something for us all the news headlines gathered into one place everything that's relevant to the world of Cryptocurrency. News that Bitcoin dot com Is that website news that Bitcoin dot com Now I mentioned Reasons for people turning down, um, jobs, and this doesn't mean There are a lot of reasons I want to get into it. There's childcare obligations. 13% of people did so because of Covid 19. Presumably, they were scared and didn't want to get a job. Recently. Like in the 2021. Well, it was the survey appears to have been done recently. So I guess. Yeah, I guess so. I didn't think that was actually a fear anymore. It is for people who watch television. I guess he listened to the news and believe everything they say. So the other reason. Uh, one of these reasons are all tied for the second spot at 13%. I receive enough money from unemployment insurance without having to work now what happens when the unemployment runs out? And how long is the unemployment going to be in place? I was under the impression that had already gone away. I thought so as well, At least in here in New Hampshire. It has It was June the 16th. There was a while they were giving you like an extra $600 to everyone per week for unemployment. Whatever on top of you would have gotten you have got $600 more which I thought was insane. That is insane. Last year, I could have done that if I wanted to, because I did lose my job in 2020. But I was just like I would rather work for my money. And I don't really know why did that Because it wasn't really trying to be principled. I just didn't I just didn't want the government to just give me money and you know, looking back. It's like because it's my money. You know, I think like that, But then I'm like, Well, the government's going to give that money away anyway. So if I can, if you know, if you take that $600, and you invest it in something like Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency, then you could actually grow that and you're going to be better set off and you can say Hey, thank you, Government. You did something well for me if I knew about crypto Well, I actually knew about crypto for years, but I just didn't really I thought was something like, Oh, that's way too. To get into so like up until like, I don't know. Later in the year was the first time I ever got nanny and it was just like, um, I just got it. I didn't like, go get it myself. So I would have had no idea how to do that. I find that most people that talk about Cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin, because that's the big one that they know about. They assume that you have to buy one entire Bitcoin there like there's no way that I can afford $33,000. That's one thing I did think I was like. Oh, so you can just get Exactly. Yeah, I've made my first Bitcoin purchase. I don't remember the year but it was, um, $500 per Bitcoin at the time, and it was well, it wasn't for me. It was to pay a ransom to a company that had packed one of my clients. Well, they weren't actually my client. I was just they became my client Exactly. But I had no idea what I was doing. It involved sending money via Western Union to tell Aviv Israel and it was just a very convoluted now what you paid it. Did they actually release whatever they were doing? Did you get your files back? That's also because I won't always wondered about that. Because people computer customers were like, Hey. This is happening. I'm like, Just consider yourself done way. Pay it way back in the day when rest somewhere. First started taking off. They were honorable, and they would actually be clipped your pals if you paid them because billion if well, if it got out that you know if you paid them, you still wouldn't get your stuff back then no one would ever pay the exactly. That's a good point. So it work to their benefit to actually be honest and release people stuff. But then a lot of copycats came in and they didn't have that little. They even had a helpful tech support site. It was It was the strangest situation I've ever been. You can't get your files because we've stolen them. Go here. Well, they didn't put it that way right there like hey, we encrypt your your fouls to protect them. That's how they owe its protection. I get it it was like, but to decrypt them. You have to pay this amount of money. But the because of how Bitcoin fluctuates. I mean, it was even doing it back then. They wanted basically $500 in a Bitcoin. But by the time we actually acquired the Bitcoin, and we're able to send it, it was only worth like $487 or whatever. So I was sent them a message like Hey, Got them on a Bitcoin, but it's no longer the correct amount. They're like, Okay, just send it on and will decrypt. You know, it's so funny because I bought something on the dark Web once, and that was the case, and I was like, Hey, um, my Bitcoin has gone down. The guy was like, If you send me that he's like I know it's not over the website. But if you send me that I'll send you the product and I was like, Okay, cool and he did like it was accurate. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. It's a Bitcoin was $500, then it's probably so much now exactly. Yeah, Whatever you sent. Nowadays, the average company would be able to afford point as a ransom. But about 1.8 million out of work. Americans have turned down jobs because of the generosity of unemployment insurance benefits, according to morning consult. Poll resort results released Wednesday. Now my sister is one of these people. She was.

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