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Celebrating fifty years of soul music and coming up next one of the hallmark girl groups from -ffiliated national. Three degrees talking about win. Will i see you again. And this is a bowl of so. This is your man jay. Most in y'all listening to soul music at its best a bowl of soul mix stool of soul music song a christmas and so on. Cd speed ticket alert. I see terms of philadelphia. Its nationals fiftieth anniversary. We celebrate the three degrees with their nineteen. Seventy four hit. When will i see you again. Which was written and produced by kenny. Gamble and leon huff and the members of the three degrees at that time was sheila. Ferguson sang lead. Fayette pinkney and valerie holiday and let me tell you something. This song was number two on the pop singles chart behind kung fu fighting by call davis and then on the adult contemporary chart. The song reached number one and number four on the rb charts and we celebrate the three degrees right here on a bowl of soul. And we're going to stay on that vein of love baby coming up next one of my favorite groups on the stax record label the temporaries talking about i love you you me at this is a bowl of soul so again. I walked into the room with no expectations just as donald patty and here. I am at a bowl of soul with professor. Teela one on this too. Hey and a true from three new. Hey i'm news. Took i love. This is classics. So right hand. You know the temporaries baby. They were from memphis tennessee. And they were very popular in the seventies and they were originally formed as the love men. The trio lead singer jasper jabil phillips with a powerful force seto featured on most of their recordings. Harold scott scott delwan calvin. They met in the nineteen mid nine sixties when they were in junior high school and they also along with larry dopson who became of future lead singer of the bark. As and you know the temporaries were first signed to stax records in nineteen seventy and they were on a subsidiary a record label called we produce and you know as you know. Stacks records collapsed in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy six and then. They were moved briefly to epic records. But we celebrate the temporaries. They had a lot of beautiful songs. Oh my god. One of the songs that i feel that they did. The best treatment on was a song done by the cheryl's dedicated to the one. I love it was also done by the mamas. And the papas. But i'm gonna tell you. The temporaries did kill version of dedicated to the one. I love revisit. A lot of these classic soul groups and their albums. And i'm telling you there on fire and this is a bowl of soul and you need to know why you need to listen to a bowl of soul music from fifty fifty a little bit of the sixty sixty sixty thrown in with similar seventy seventy seven mix well with the with the.

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