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Believe it or not and i needed actually a good meal suffer thirty bucks off your first week of deliveries visit hellofresh dot com and enter sideways thirty when you subscribe that's hellofresh dot com promo code sideways dirty and we're back so i should actually probably clarify here this is one of those episodes were it's not so much theories as suspects because people think that they know who the daytona beach serial killer is everybody knows who everybody is it's always somebody know somebody excel in what we can actually be talking about is the suspect section and there's a feeling good ones are kind of like um who we got here you like that one that one yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly other than the other ones yeah okay well let's let's dive into this and will take him any order that i've got him on here house at sound joe mercer run outs arcane so the first theory or suspect is a local to saying that it's a local to the area who lives in the area who also happens to be related to a convicted felon and this will make sense why that's discredited justice second maybe maybe because one of the things that we do know is that dna evidence was pulled from the first three bodies and there's no results of who that is whoever it is not in the system however there is another available to law enforcement and other searching method which is called familial dna.

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