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From ABC news I'm Brian Clark public impeachment hearings begin Wednesday and while Democrats like congressman Jackie spear of California say this is a very simple straightforward act the president broke the law she was on ABC's this week and that's her Republican congressman mac Thornberry of Texas said of the allegations the president committed a crime by requesting Ukraine's president investigate the Biden family if there's a political rival with a family member who's involved in questionable activity what do you do just let alone but set that aside I believe it was inappropriate I do not believe it was impeachable and minutes ago on Twitter the president tweeted the call to the Ukrainian president was perfect and told Republicans not to fall into what he called the full strap of saying it was not perfect but it is not impeachable he says it's much stronger than that nothing was done wrong previously is accused Democrats of trying to undo the twenty sixteen election by ABC Terry Moran says really this isn't about election what about the constitution and the question does the evidence show that the president abused his power by trying to get affordable to go after his political rival is that an impeachable offense at the constitution really that I think the Congress and the country's gonna focus on Monday the president takes part in a veterans day in New parade in New York City and today the new chair of the joint chiefs of staff general mark Millie was asked about conditions in Syria on A. B. C.'s this week after the withdrawal of a large number of US troops there are still ISIS fighters in the region and unless pressures maintain a less attention is maintained on on that group then there's a very real possibility the conditions could be set for re emergence of isis he says focus remains on keeping ISIS from getting hold of oil fields New York state regulators say they'll look into Goldman Sachs after tweet went viral from a man who said he was offered it credit rate for an apple Kerr twenty times more than his wife despite his wife having better credit Goldman Sachs manages that card you're listening to ABC news whether.

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