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And that there are people who have been you know. Isolated away from their families Income case in case you knock being able to go to work and so we are so lucky glass but it's you off the question. About what what. They got the most different. Yeah that's a great point but now we're closing in on Baseball twenty twenty one. And there's an expert expectation for better days and the hope is for one hundred sixty two games. Unlike last year was sixty. But you know we we know now. The fans will be at the ballpark at oracle at least in limited numbers. And you're getting the team ready. These are the final weeks going in the season. Opener is not far off. Wh what is your level of as we move forward is pretty high. I mean john as a Optimistic person in general. So i think any ending turn on continued out that racist. It's just natural for me. I got. I got dot for my dad. Who had a similar outlook and look forward to each day. So i gotta say. I'm that that naturally who i am in this particular case That elevated a little bit because we have vaccines in place and You know people around the country and around the world are slowly getting back any which is creating a level of confidence that we haven't we haven't seen in a little while and i think there is a bit of light light at the end of the end of the tunnel if we do things the right way Just having limited fans in the stands in spring training has been a huge boost to morale We'd love having our fans on the stand and just gotta hearing the cheers when something goes well and sometimes even hearing the dot. it's actually one thing And we missed that. We feel like we're in a partnership with the fans and they are a part of our team in many ways so we look forward to to oracle park with fans and they got going to be pretty at the mental moment. We're obviously everybody in the ballpark but for the place. Well this is wonderful. Thanks so much gay bud. We're all rooting for normalcy. Or something close to it Good luck moving forward enjoyed. John is always l. Do it for this joint. Episode giants splash and as plus our. Thanks again to bob. Melvin and gabe kaplan for joining us our producers today g allen johnson and king kaufman. We'll be vaccine with more giants and as coverage stay safe and thanks for listening..

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