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With dumps the puck down beat crystalline reaching try and handle it as his pocket pick by Alexander Kirkwood. Bouncing puck is now smothered by deleting. He'll get it up the far wall. Or is there along the Patrick nam nam is taking on to buffalo. Sabres? Puck comes free thrown on by Tyson. Jost and Hutton will throw it with his catching glove to the nearside were Darlene. We'll get it forward bombing. Ville can't handle it chasing. After the Kirkland. He'll take a check. Doc is loose in the skates at Joe's chasing after it shot from Nelson is up on the screen and. It's a Jonty starts to the third period here in Denver seventeen twenty three to go in it shots or twenty seven seven ads. They also have. A one nothing lead. For extended avalanche post game coverage. Stay tuned for between the pipes on the avalanche flagship station altitude sports radio ninety two five online and altitude sports radio dot com. Mark Springer Alex Ryan EMMY been doing a nice job with post post game coverage of your Colorado Avalanche. You can text in call in and just review the previous game your Colorado Avalanche. Eric Johnson farside point tries to get it behind the net for me, go rancid in under his ticks. Gerard will try and do it. The nearside point. That attempt is successful Rantanen spins away at the circle back Persad. Berg winds and fires missed the net. Stick side rebound on the stick. Eichel up and out on the stick out Sam Deroy now Johnson in front of the bench return pass. For Gerard at the blue line, Al across center rights. Gerard plays off the wall. Inva- corner in spinoff offer change Crampton chasing after the same Reinhard. Dispossessed by Carl Soderberg as Nelson behind the net. Nelson. Lots of Prasada Burke Soderbergh looking.

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