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Welcome to the MONOCLE weekly on Monaco twenty four with me Augusta match Larry and Marcus Hippie on today's broker we'll be heading to the big apple with Autism Doug Aitken we'll be meeting film curator Hyun Jin to delve into the history of Korean cinema in advance of the London Korean Film Festival that's coming up plus Monaco's own for no I will stop at checkout will be looking ahead to next week's news and we'll have some music that's still to come on the Monica Weekly monocle twenty fool Well Augustine we haven't done this before have we we have marcus how exciting six minutes of interesting stories and discussions ahead was looking forward to the most probably my interview with Doug Aitken I just we've got an excellent excellent report from Henry Re Sheridan regular listeners might remember him as sometime produce a now commentator from New York who doesn't have what monocle Emma Henry I do remember Henry rather well it said that we lost him for New York but I guess that's the way life goes on a more positive note it's being quite an accent weekend materials I know that you've been insuring your culture haven't here I went to see a couple of exhibitions including one by William Blake who are fans and poetry fans might remember his iconic tiger tiger poem standing out among the verses of England Really with pictures of the devil and how what I noticed though they're very small marcus it's quite difficult to engage with an exhibition of very very small pictures one example of Wednesday's actually does Massa we'll all go see him what I've been I've been really inspired by the Australian shift goes up with some days Josh Neyland he's from Sydney he's released on repairing the whole fish there's been a lot of talk about nose-to-tail cooking how you students waste any bits anonymous when preparing food and you can apply approach to fish as well so I interviewed Shaush we'll be hearing that interview later on the menu but this afternoon I thought I would go and buy a whole fish and then prepare something nice from the guts bones sent is something I've never done before because I'm not a great chef in the end Amora for me nice to meet man a Sunday Scheffer exactly what she likes to comfort dinner in the evening very much I'd like to eat some scales and fin that's the deal continue with what's happening in the next seven days though let's do it let's look ahead to next week who's here to do it with us Monaco San Fernando welcome hello will you invite me for dinner as well by the way you have to ask Marcus about that because quite picky with what you eat I am but I never tasted your cooking so I'm curious now even though I would avoid the bring in the guts not completely defeats the whole purpose I can get to your own fish fillet for this evening but what's happening in the upcoming seven days what's in the news agenda well my first story actually happens today today's the believe in election and the interesting story here is because evermore is trying for his fourth term but that's the first time that I think he really has a competitor which has columnists so lot of people into the election might go for a run off in the Samba and even morale is an interesting case because even though he's a left-wing President I mean he always had very good relationships with the Business unity's is being a fairly popular president even though believe it remains like the poorest country in South America they improved so much when it comes to GDP less poverty but there are trouble ahead I think he didn't dealt very well with recent forest fires in the country people start criticizing him and even people from laughed are saying you know what he undermined democracy little bit because he's trying for his fourth term that's what a lot exactly so it wasn't just only Brazil that was having a hard time with the forest fires many many other countries to believe terrible terrible fires I mean there's been such a devastation to nature you know certain indigenous communities as well as quite as sad story and perhaps could be the downfall of evermore is difficult predicting because the election is today maybe we're going to have a key result because as they said the election for a runoff interesting there's definitely a lot to watch coming out of Latin America at the moment isn't that fate what have you got next we'll stay in the Americas were more to the North Tomorrow the twenty first of October is the Canadian election is interesting by the way Canadians vote on Mondays I think the first country that come across the vote someone may many others see us interesting you always Sundays in Brazil Sundays as well I guess they do things differently and always hates on a Sunday why just I want to be uh-huh meeting a big steaming bowl of fish guts you want to have your excuse to escape job for a couple of hours and vote number going but again Canadian it is difficult to predict but you know I think just intruder will kind of hang on as the leader but definitely with not clear majority as he had less time but I think the thing is I was talking to Daniel or Canadian colleague in the parliament will be more fragmented this time he might have to do a coalition which is not a new thing in Canadian politics and the leader of the opposition of course just had a few scandals with the oil pipe there's been quite a lot of controversy as well but the leader of the Conservative Party apparently is quite adults I am not very inspiring so let's see the green policies apparently will do well we'll have to wait and see but my prediction is that just intruder who remain prime minister by smaller margin the last time well I'm wondering if there's anything happening in the next seven days that's not election related Fernando Dairies One and actually it's tomorrow is also if you're not interested in the Canadian elections. Why don't you come to the Ocho arena here in London we've me what's happening there share will be performed to go I am going to go and she's a legend there are few legends today in the music world she's a legend and never seen him I'll be there is the here we go again tour you know the song that we play for my segment here Fernando she did re record that song and she will perform it because I did check the set list before I've got so many share related memories one of them being when I was very young and I went on this booze cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm and there was a disco on board that boat and the detail would only play d and remixes soft the sheriff's on believe I think we'd better just knocked that anecdote on the head this is a family show marcus we don't WanNa know where that's going to end up going story surgeons for share I think she was about fifty at the time even though we don't talk about age when he comes to share she doesn't have a timeless your favorite Song Oh God be the shoop shoop song it's a classic it's easy it's just I got you babe as surrogates I chose to yeah that's fine there's not with sunny too yeah that on the show is this sold out probably I hope so a show that we can join the fight thanks so much for joining us to take a look at next week you're listening the monocle weekly you at home in a moment we'll be hearing from the cult art rock Ariel Pink don't go away In two thousand four the record label port tracks put out an album called the doldrums by Ariel Pink's haunted graffiti for most people it was that first encounter with the warped and prolific musical imagination of areas doc which would go on to have a huge influence on indie music buzz pink who was born area Rosenberg had been recording music ceaselessly since nine hundred ninety six hundred songs some of which made it onto self released cassette tapes and CDs now the Brooklyn Label Mexican summer is putting out reissues of the Ariel Pink albums that Rosenbaum recorded and released in obscurity between ninety nine thousand nine hundred thousand four Monaco's inimitable Henry Sheridan met him the Mexican Summer Studios in New York staying I remember reading a quote from you you said that something which really is shaped musical sensibility is your earliest memories of music that were formed kind of the early eighties and it just struck me the says is much of a gap between now and the periods in which you made those early records as ever is between that period and the early eighties old in having you know sort of like a come to awaken into my current self more or less around twenty years ago and having it basically spent twenty years as a twenty year old and then having you know W- When I was twenty years old being so kind of aware of where I was at five years old and having that informed my creative impetus and all that kind of stuff and then having my twenty year old self now sort of dictating my current path and yeah I felt a lot about that in so many different ways I still try not to mythologies importance of any of that stuff between I think ninety nine hundred nineteen thousand full you record in extraordinary amount of music I think one figure that I've read is over two hundred cassettes worth is that figure anchor number one and number two why well I mean I think it's more than that why I feel like in hindsight it was all very much a case of my sort of wanting to be acknowledged and to be heard and to be seen instead like that into I think there was a sort of burning desire that was at the root of all that you know in a need for love to once you get that off the flame summer simmers down you really can actually breathe for for violent now that I do career doing it it it has taken a stick it on a different dimension and perhaps it's not as much of a diagnostic enterprise I only due to do it all the time to sort of to stake my claim in in in the universe I really feel quite sated in my personal life in might myself as far as that's concerned me no I feel I feel knowledge tonight I don't feel a burning desperate urge to tomorrow every single moment of my life with some sort of artistic stamp if those early recordings kind diary of not only your life at the time but also the development of your artistic method neurotic process basically diary of you learning to record make music when you go back and listen to those early recordings now is it like reading an old diary oh how you imagine that would be me I don't listen back to the songs very much anymore because I know them inside out so it's they've always been been ingrained in my mic consciousness unlike a diary for instance it's not like you know I just abandoned these things and then just came back thirty years later in rhythm for the first time these things are like there headed in me whether I like it or not but listening back to them yeah I mean it's there's a slightly alien quality to it I mean I'm definitely don't know how I did them half the time although unlike diaries the process of making it is one of the endlessly listening back to these things I mean the each song is a trip into yourself you know you go you go back in you listen to what you recorded previously in the new basically you know we expose yourself to it over and over again you familiarize yourself with you you stack new a new thing on top of it and then you listen to that you see so the whole excessive just like listening back a million times to something in the goal being that when I'm done with a song for instance I mean I you know I'd I'd want to somehow swiped my memory of it clean but somehow somehow listen to it as if I've never heard it at all and see dedicated Bob Jameson the title refers to Bob Jameson who was a singer songwriter who looked for a moment in the sixties like he was going to become a star and then for various reasons didn't and basically many many years later resurfaced on on the Internet with the blog I'm basically re re wrote the history of of.

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