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Here the nominees argo a more piece of the southern wild django unchained lee miserably the ms rob lee ms life of pie lincoln silver linings playbook zero dark thirty the winner was argo yes which as we're in this case and a second is interesting because not only was ben affleck's them from best director so it was quentin tarantino's kathryn bigelow yes wesley was ready for graylan at the time and was very upset about of this the director's stumps although you can make the case they just said great nominees at year and when you have eight weird shit happens data's that is certainly true um i mean i just sort of felt like i mean it wasn't just that i mean let's let's do you wanna you read who was nominated for best director bill gobert would sit picture for a siro will do director all right so first question yes five years later should arco of one best picture we'll go around the room shot fantasy your first yes not because i think it is the superlative film but i think it is the best story that the oscars was going to tell that year this is a strange collection of movies and i don't think that any win would have been satisfying because all these movies are complicated in their own way it's a bunch of number two starters evancho a exactly i like i like jambay's baseball analogy was that was not my face i understood were you may i just disagree gluco okay keep trump i i think like zeroed or thirty for example is a movie that is aging worse by the moment yum and the way that that movie not as a film but the the store that it's telling in a context it's providing okay home much more complicated the more we learn about what we did in the middle east and how we pursued information and what was provided to that movie by the fbi and the cia versus what may have actually have been true so win there would have certified it in a way that would've been complicated yet i think a more beats the southern wild were never going away win right right yes lamy.

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