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The whole story at MSG mag dot com it's kind of interesting but it is it is I mean you have to kind of it's it's your choice suspension of disbelief and an openness to believe other things our rates when that is there for you for the reading we're gonna go ahead take a break and we'll be right back it's true in even at any time in your life in the same as you age you should pick up an instrument or learn something completely new the band yeah I want to do something different with you like in addition to that what we so many years we don't have any and I feel like maybe you when I try to pick up an instrument with the band yeah I need talent yeah you need to I think you know what I'm saying bringing you everything entertainment Lori and Julia on my top one of seven one black along it soul I've talked a lot about Tattersall distilling and they have an app so if you are wondering like Hey I heard stuff you talk about how to make love region and tonic you can find it on the Tattersall app they have tons of cabin recipe is and batch cocktail recipes as well as just single serve drinks I learned about aqua V. from Tattersall and I was like okay other than putting this in a bloody Mary I don't know what to do with that and they said just think of it as Scandinavian Jen so you can use it on bloody Marys you can use it in place of Jan for more complex cocktails so you could use it with another type of flavoring yeah and it makes a delicious dirty martini also they've got the orange come out great for grandma.

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