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Call because I'm all in. I was waking up getting rakes in the money. I was broken on reach. Deep talking Real 92 3 new home free here, Poppy standing up to racism and racial injustice in the black and brown community. Big Boi's neighborhood back in the neighborhood with your big interview, man G e Z up in here with so much You know, everybody, you know you bring an album on you. Bring your song Go. Back in the days you just be, You know, maybe Bill Boy wrote something that maybe source gave you some Mike's whatever. Maybe, but now everybody has a phone and everybody's a critic. Do you keep that clutter? Out of messing up your day or, you know, trying to strike down something that you created. It is a daily general in front. There's no other way to put it because, you know, everybody has a Royce and back in the day like you said, I mean, you know, the voices were reserved for the people, you know, like you with the credentials with, you know, with a microphone in front of them and In the place of, you know, having a voice for you know, an established reason or whatever and not say everybody's opinion doesn't matter because everybody deserves an opinion or whatever, but you know, you gotta have the thick skin and it comes back to this. Knowing who you are. You know, I'm not going to say that sometimes. You know, I haven't had days that have been completely destroyed. But by checking my phone too early in the morning, you know, I tried. I tried. I did try to stay off my phone. You know when I wake up in the morning, just so just in case my day, doesn't you know, but it is what it is, man. You just gotta have thick skin for what have you seen from anything from provide? Have you looked at anything? As far as the song or the video. Have you taken any temperatures? Um I try. I tried not to, um, because because there's really only so much you could tell that right off the bat. You know what I mean? Of course, it's exciting. You want to know, like and for me like I'm sitting on so much music and I just want I want the album to be out here, but it's like, you know, you gotta let it do its thing, Man. I'm no, I don't know in like two months. Is it crazy when you say you sitting on so much Because we think man provides the easy Chris Brown. You've got to be sitting there like y'all have no idea. Yeah, I'm ready for the 349 More.

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