One Hundred Ten Degrees discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan


I was just texting my wife thanking you for giving me the cold that I have now on the sore throat and the coughing and the whole bit. And also in every house is there a temperature gap between couples. I'm freezing. I'm like a Terry cloth bathrobe freezing. And my wife keeps sneaking out turning off the heat because she likes it with a fan on her and cold. What is that? When when we were dating and the first couple of years, we were married we reacted to stimuli much the same way we like to say movies like the same foods we like the same temperature. Now, I dad was supposed to own thermostat grownup. Dad owned the thermostat. But it makes a lot of noise in my house the heat. So I can hear when it's on. Here's what I hear. We're working in bed or I'm watching something. He goes, what's that noise? Like, you don't know what the noises place, and then I see her say anything from the kitchen, and I know she's doing she's not gonna get me. Some from the kitchen she's turning off the heat. And I don't know if it's off because it reached the temperature or off until an hour and a half later when it's like a glacier in my bedroom. So this morning, I get up. I am fro I've icicles coming on my nose and my mouth, I looked like one of those. History channel explores is everybody does everybody have the thing or my becoming guy. Like when we when we bought our house was in the middle of the summer. It was one hundred ten degrees out and the guy we bought the house almost like ends eighties sitting wearing a coat and wearing a sweater. So I don't know if as you get older, that's your thin gets your skin gets thinner. And and then you just want the heat. I remember that thinking please don't let me. Money.

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