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Norm lewis is amongst others flirting sidebar. I keep learning more about alice cooper like yeah. We're gonna clean. Where are we talking about alice cooper the other day. We're like what else cooper. I was just talking about with. I don't know he might show up in a future episode discern. They just make a brand name. Appearance in an upcoming episode is alice cooper. Is he running the matrix. Is that what it is because i was talking to somebody somebody about alice cooper. Yes i was talking to my co worker. Kerri about alice cooper and i heard that alice cooper loves golf. He's like a cool guy. I dated a guy hi who lived down the street from him and apparently he's just like a sweet man who just loves his family and rock and enroll and an rock and roll yeah. It's crazy okay so is next musical was called by jeeves. It was eve's side jeeves like by jeeves originally just jeeves k it is a nine hundred and seventy five musical by weber and alan eck born. Who was the lyricist versus for that one. That sounds like a student. I know right. Is tim rights him. It was based on the novels of p._g. Wodehouse oh okay yeah yeah so it make sense. <hes> in the jeeves jeeves is the original nineteen seventy-five version which opened on april twenty second nineteen seventy five and closed on may twenty four th after thirty eight performances. Yes don't ask him about it. Don't ask him about it. Don't ask jeeves. This is very good stepped on my joke. Sorry sorry that's my fault i should've i should've looked at your hand. It is regarded as andrew lloyd webber's only only real flop. Several critics noted that the authors failed to develop the title character jeeves not even having a solo song very weird <hes> by jeeves is there rewritten nineteen ninety-six version which opened on may first nineteen ninety-six in london and due to success was extended to february nineteen ninety-seven through three theaters it premiered in the u._s. and ninety six and on broadway in two thousand one. It's perfectly fine all right here. We go evita right. <hes> don't cry for me. Argentina absolutely not began as a rock opera concept album released in nineteen seventy six so its success led to productions in london's west end in nineteen seventy eight winning the laurence olivier award for best musical on broadway your later where it was first where it was the first british musical to receive the tony award for best musical michael yeah so the plot is a somewhat unsympathetic look at eva peron's life and her ambitions. It's not flattering bring to still alive when this when this came out right no she was she had died o that evita came out because the death scene okay talk she died of cancer like relatively young like in her late forties so it's narrated much like with joseph and jesus is this christ by an outsider voice chair who is i think chappaqua vera which is wild and it begins with evita's funeral announcement and then recounts how's her life in a narrated flashback rice and lloyd webber parted ways soon after evita not a not a venue like contentiousness or anything but they both you've had a lot of work separately castro decided just kind of part creatively and they parted for a long time actually many years today only did like four or things together yeah they only did like four things together prior to the break up and then they got together and did some other things later and i think in the nineties nineties so veto opened at the prince edward theatre in the west end on june twenty first nineteen seventy-eight enclosed on february twenty six thousand nine hundred six after three thousand one hundred seventy seventy six performances after debuting in los angeles.

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