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By of cake. I can't even do it. It turns out pull. Hollywood hates flange was banned from the show after he made his second flange silent loving the whole time. So you haven't seen it but you know that there's this sort of like pretty serious. This is my favorite comedy is. I've never seen and i guess cake wasn't up to the task. It fell apart under the scrutiny of hollywood. Like it's really different in tone from the rest of the show and they describe it it goes. Tomes cake is a bouillabaisse. Cherry meringgi within the tele spread of zimbabwe. He's mixed marjorie with the butter too. Horrific effect. I actually have a great british bake bit which i can't even remember. It's been so long but it was like they're always making bread. They're always trying to make kasha and then pull always eats it and he goes it's Fuck what is the other brand. Just had it o- small shibata they're all gonna make it. You try to make a fa- caution fuck up you wake shibata. Thank you thank you. I love this. Thank you for your time. Thank you for having me on your show. I love san highlight of my day by day. I appreciate it and good luck with. I don't have to say it. What fun you're helping me to love sweet stream. Thank you for helping our podcast more people. It's it's nice take you. People are already gonna watch ted last so they can help. Yeah well i mean. I really like it. I understand what you're saying. But i can say you can't say i'll say we sort of have to watch you telling me. Tiger king puts out a whole new season. And as that guy again. And it's we found all the footage from the seventies and we're not gonna want we have to watch it and it comes out and it's like bad news. It's like a busy week. And you're like fuck. That's how it is with head. Lhasa jay's chief what do you say keep it crispy keeping crispy son or bob. Roy larry i you're after avai- raceway thank you thank human store..

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