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Is down 200 points Biggest campus expansion in Howard's history on Jeff cable Ten 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s Mary de pompa the WTO traffic center And we had a lot of hotspots happening right now The biggest of which I would say is a 95 in Virginia at late morning accident involving a truck with fire 95 south still closed and diverting southbound to the center port Parkway exit one three 6 and it's back from a quiet to get there It's crawling down Route one your southbound alternate is pretty much jammed keeping your mind where you're traveling from now if you join 95 from 17 if you know a workaround and get on from 17 you are past this issue Three three O one we would throw out as an alternate They are doing gantry work on three O one at the nice Mac Middleton bridge However right now it doesn't appear as there are big delays in either direction until only a single lane each way sometimes they hold But right now three O one nice Mac Middleton bridge is also doing okay 95 northbound will slow looking at everything but you're traveling are said to be open 66 is almost back to speed We got a late morning crash east found in Centreville passing 28 You have the left lane still blocked and that's the breakaway point Nothing else reported ahead work zones aplenty on 66 usually in the midday but we have weather getting ready to move in outer loop to go west on 66 is currently just a single lane getting by To the beltway in Montgomery county your slow out of silver screen getting past the temple and working toward Connecticut avenue where the earlier disabled vehicle has officially cleared listener says Baltimore Washington Parkway north the mobile work was near the beltway and yes only a single lane getting by ID me saving taxpayers over $210 billion securing identities providing equitable access and preserving control of personal data more at ID slash hour promised Mary to pump a WTO traffic All right let's check in live with storm team four's Michelle Grossman Michelle we've had the clouds in pretty soon we'll have some showers Yeah those showers are on the way And we're gonna have those showers today tonight Thursday.

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