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Actually being said it we won't well it all oh we're yet georgia go part of the problem he says is that there's no regulation of pipelines within pennsylvania and efforts to change that are routinely blocked by natural gas lobbyist officials did not respond to our calls for comment david madden kyw newsradio and plans are in the works for a complete repaving of the benjamin franklin bridge details on that use gave by w's mike denardo the last time the ben franklin bridge was repave twice in two thousand four says the rpa ceo john hansen that surfacing is reaching the end of its useful life as evidenced by potholes routes and even some sliding as it fails to adhere to the decks surface hanson says not only will the entire surface be repaved what the underlying finger joints and expansion joints also we'll be replaced in the thirty million dollar project the work isn't expected to begin until the spring of two thousand nineteen in italy last for two years anson says there will not be a total bridge shut down it's likely to worth three lanes will be closed during offpeak hours mike denardo kyw newsradio w timed one fifty two time now for traffic and transit on the tubes well we have this is coming into the traffic center seventy six westbound past the tools to exit all lanes are currently blocked due to an accident once again all lanes on seventy six past to a two are blocked our producer malcolm point dexter is looking into this accident but will keep you you're posted on it otherwise overnight construction is closing six 76 heading of both eastbound into westbound between the schuylkill and broaden until five in the morning we also have some roadwork overnight from the blue route four seventy six up to gulf mills cruiser in the left lane it's fine this morning on the schuylkill heading westbound brunei southbound the left lane all the way to monaco county line we have some road work in the right lane until five westbound ford 22 between first avenue in 2003 the left lane is taken out for road work in new jersey route seventy eased in cherry hill construction between king's iway 295 it's in the right lane masstransit running on a close to schedule next update in less than ten minutes from the trumark financial credit union 24 hour traffic center i'm knr auto i'm cbs three meteorologist lauren casey an excessive.

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