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Now, let's get back to podcast and stuff. During they'll make you feel better. Okay. So this happened to me on Labor Day Labor Day. So it's Labor Day evening. Labor Day is now labor night, and I'm going walking the dog and walking the dog walking dog walking. The dog dogs starts to lollies taking a ship, all of a sudden car drives. Stops in the middle of the road woman gets out. She's yeah, just like I don't know. Baby like fifty fifty five or whatever. She she goes, oh, what am I gonna do speak Armenian, speak Armenian. No, I do not speak Armenian. She goes. That she looks like, oh my gosh, is something wrong. If she's got my baby fell out or whatever, you know, comes over to. She runs to me, he's holding what looks like a gummy bear rapper. And she's point two two. And she's like, why does she like please? Listen to me. Please visit to be look. Look, you're walking your dog and a driver stopped. Yeah. She runs a cheat, leaves her car door, open thing. Ding, Ning. Car in the middle of the road runs to me while my dog shitting and I'm like, trying to, you know, split focus to walk, never mind. Pick it up and I don't wanna step on. Okay. So she comes out. She's like. Sir, please. Please listen to be look. Look ticky gummy bear rapper, pointed Honey, Honey, Cusco, it grow back. It'll grow back. It'll grow. Am I..

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