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98 jordi flies in now here's your host pierre wolf oh deep road euro boost well you okay how may i live or on your gonna turn on again i can't but anyway we haven't spent against and the special guest mr grayton gaik ruin kenyan gummy i can't camper church rogue abdul result blue the explo grounds visit that every country on earth that is pretty extraordinary and how you've been geico's been fight and i've been diversity south east asia off back with cruise ship uh for the last two weeks uh i took a celebrity cruz whose uh starting in singapore all ten going up into thailand to bangkok it patty edna nobre to vietnam with three stops including flag guy who treatment city on the second stop the uh the middle of of vietnam a place lot of american soldiers remember denying and then up to the old imperial city of way too uh one last stop in now uh a near hype formed harbor the go in to hanoi it back and and and probably the most exciting of stops right there at the ocean pierre told how long berry other thing that is one of the more ronald alone most wonderful blazes i've been to vietnam three different times on how long base with is one of these uh the stones they'll brock's going out a little water and you can take a sales uh boats mood them as just fabulous and you can sail also on may conned river where you they are also i want to last time i went there uh the may calling river delta is a very interesting rich growing area and certainly as you probably remember pierre that area is is is pretty basic it hasn't made a lot of changes in the end of the twentyfirst century so you get to see old vietnam when you.

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