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Premium? Can we go through the other phases of this if you will? There is there is the point where he tells his doctor in order to get the nose and and then the part where he represents the government to get the license that he's a woman. Is there criminal fraud potentially involved in this? You know, I'm not a criminal lawyer, so it's hard for me to say, I think you know the doctor asks, what are your sociation? I think he's indicated that he doesn't associate with being. A different gender. He just wants paperwork, so that as a general rule, if someone do something, try and get out of something or get into something that otherwise couldn't do and manipulate the system in order to do that, it may be considered finding a loophole. However, the insurance companies don't really like when people find loopholes and what would be interesting from a legal perspective is if the insurance companies discovers this, then goes and sues the individual for the courts actually give a an opinion. Now, it's this stuff takes years to develop because it takes your been front of the courts and for the courts to give a decisions written decisions and then for them to get appealed and all that this is all happening as government and the law comes to terms with gender diversity, that these things that weren't officially recognised until now, how do you think a story like this is going to go over with lawmakers and people whose rights these laws are supposed to recognize? But it's, I mean, he says, and I'm just going from the easiest interview. The CDC is he doesn't intend to criticize ridicule trench gender or anyone. He's just doing it for his own benefit. I, I can't see that going over well, that's not really a legal issues. He's real ever djing these rights that people have worked really hard to to win over from the government and from corporations and industry and is innocence making him just for cheaper insurance. Thank you. No problem. Jeffrey cahan is an insurance lawyer in.

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