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Has this to say, firstly tax about going to the theater and how clean it felt and faith but everyone's mass plate and social distance and it was. But he said there were hours of Warner Brother trailers, including Wonder Woman, 80, Foreign, Doon and blah, blah, blah, so that Doesn't change. No, but I love that. But he said. He said Nolan has bent over backwards to explain what's going on. It's not that difficult. This is a mission. Impossible or James Bond movie with John David Washington is the lead and the hero If you follow him, you've got the movie. I didn't I really enjoyed it. Awesome And it's about time travel, but not like Bill and Ted. More like the Avengers OK, and he says it becomes more more puzzling. It becomes more and more interesting. Michael Caine his amazing and Anyway. He's just like it isn't confusing. If you pay attention, it's just a James Bond mission. Impossible Movie with cool Turks agreed. Create acting in time travel. Why? So they're violent. Found one that made me want to go See it. Yeah. Realized I could take it on you quick glory. His murky reviews were chasing me away. Well, Chris, you're really didn't like it? Yeah, you give it a 2.5. That means he didn't love hated her, and he didn't love it. But Nicolas Cage. It's worth a watch. That's what I see. 2.5 is and you know who's worth it. Stay with us. Elizabeth Reese will be right back. My talk, 10710. My goodness. I think.

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