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It is very traditional, and the now you throw Henry Rugs into the. and to me like with Derek Carr knowing what we know about him, and his sort of aversion to risks, you, you'd want to see. Henry rugs deployed creative fund ways to generate yards after the catch, but I'm not sure this offense is capable of. Like seeking to run, you know. Are we going to see him on like around and stuff like probably not going to be a lot of lance, and they're going to hope that he catches splits and catch US splits defenders and takes. The House is not going to be the taking the top off. Six hundred post routes I think they're going to ask him to do that in a maybe. Throw it, but that's not. Derek likes to throw anyways and Brad So. It's Kinda a Little Square peg round hole. It's like yes, offense does need the guy that burn it to blazes. Take the top off open everything up, but he got throw it. You know it's great you got. A guy runs six yards every play, but if He's going to have to run so many deep routes to clinical open up the offense. The run game. Going to be immeasurably frustrating. UNCORK IT and by the way I say this all the time. Derek Carr throws a beautiful depot you does. Way It's really annoying when he's in rhythm Heathrow's I mean yeah I mean I was watching the charges name yesterday and he made a couple of moving throw south. Amherst. there. He's got great arm town. You really does, and it's just. It's so funny. It's like he just doesn't use it and it's like. The charge great as he was doing. Quicken play actions and hitting low in breakers like a fenders, and that stuff was coming right out outright on time. It was really impressive. Those really fun to watch. It was kind of like Oh yeah, that's right Derek. Has that arm town? We just never it because he's throwing hitches and slants, and over, or you know crossers and balls of their out over and over or checking down over and over so a lot of lot of flyer routes, four tight ends do. RAISE FANS! You always point to like his. you know they used to air the ball out more. I guess it was twenty. Sixteen was Amari was that. Whatever but Yeah, like at this point. He's been the NFL for what he had lost here so. Three full seasons him. So we kind of know we I mean he's never lost a year he's. Here it. Wasn't. It was week sixteen on Christmas. Yeah, that was a fun. But the the noted, that's thing he is what he is really. Get where you're kind of leading into right. It's you know it's how many games until we're asking them to do that until this is kind of what I think, that's kind of it is what it is like. This is what he is. Maybe that's why Gruden is building this offense like that with I mean they have four legit label tied at. The. Why do you take? Jury duty man like I. Don't another receiver in a third I don't well, so the other receiver I do want to talk about him because they they've got some really fun. Pieces on this offense right like aside from car you had Darren Waller emerges I think one of the five or six best tight ends in the NFL last year. So you know you have him, you have a Lynn. Boden her about and I never. It's it's. Kind of voting. Junior. I think they're gonNA. Use a back. But obviously you can line them up. Well they have. What's the name? A little load man from Clinton? It was actually quite good last year. The Little Olga Rhonda Renfro. And the. Could. Any four, WHO, came Ryan Edwards who you mentioned? Who Does have true ex upside although I think they're hoping tyrel. Williams is no longer. He was really hurt last year. Men that was. That's the excuse me for cars that tyrone. Williams played through injury. They thought they'd have Antonio Brown which okay they didn't. But they, and then as we discussed, have Josh, shakeups is awesome, and then one of the better offense of lines in the NFL low key is in. A great position to succeed. I don't know when they pay Mario to. Seven million people are saying is a short leash for car, but I'm. He's not gonNA play bad enough for. Them and replacing with Marcus Mariota Rookie. Maybe but I don't see that happening and I kind of what you're saying, too. It's like is the pick of rugs like does that fit whether doing and short answer? No I mean fit the quarterback or the scheme that they've liked to do. Maybe they come out this year and they look like out Smith in two thousand seventeen. Awesome. He's chuck it all over the place. You, never know but. I get what you're saying and I thought honey. Ref, Oh, you just said he had a really good games. I think yeah I think I broke them down like he really came on like he was a legit plus player an asset. Wayne. Coach's kid winter. All that as it placed out meshes well with car. Truck group prefers routes under tenure. Arts is actually what I. What I wrote. I'm sorry. I called him an old man. He's just that he felt like in college. She was like Oh my. Are, you still? That's that's not. Why did I just WANNA establish I wasn't because of the appearance. It just felt like you played. A comes in for like four hundred years. How would this little stat? Tyrel Williams I can always liked him with the chargers. He actually ascended the better you play. You actually played pretty well, even though you're saying what he said, he was only one of three players last year to convert fifty percent or more of their targets in the first downs. Really Chris Godwin Calvin. Ridley Entira Williams, those are only. Unlike those players he did not have. Receiver diverting. Defensive attention. Yes, that's pretty wild. So! I actually think this could be a pretty good offense. I find that believable now. Defense is another story. I Don't know man I. Going down this depth chart looking at some of the editions. There's just so many holes I loved the core little signing. Let's start there on a positive note. linebackers been an issue for this team for a while. And obviously at perfect right and then to whitehead. So. They went out and they signed court littleton to be there will and he I think is one of the best cover linebackers in the NFL. Just incredibly under underrated undrafted. Linebacker for the rams. And, then they signed nick, quite quite Hausky, quite caskey shoot. That's a hard one. That's it. That's how the thought right from the barrel. To be there Mike. He's good, he's less. Small sample size. But it no matter what I. Think. It's pretty likely that positions and upgrade is when you start looking like I guess the other parts of the defense will be better because they really couldn't worse than they were last season. I mean his team ranked thirtieth against the past twenty-seven adjusted Sacree, twenty th and pass rush win rate. It's funny like the Khalil. Mack trade is totally defensible defensible based on like the players they drafted and sort of you know what the return I think the value. But it also completely cursed them. Pass rush referred I. Mean It's just. Now Fun thing. The hard Rod Marinelli. Forty thousand bringing that up. Well, let's go. Lover Coach Marinelli well in no, it probably was a big incentive to come to Vegas right is his daughter is a chef year she? You store on the stress. That inside Vegas. Coach his daughter. She opened up a place. Here called the stray gun suburbs in Summerlin. Actually been there a couple of times, but yeah coaches, kids. We're we always bond, but yeah I mean I. Remember now is one of the best the UN coaches that I know of period and they he's going to get the most whatever they do have and obviously some of Palmer players must love him. 'cause collins sign with them. and. Your goods that's. Just good solid signing. That's where they need. They need the need these solid. Disney, the patch it up. Solid because they're going from bad, there's to go bad to solid. They don't eat bad degrade. A marinole is awesome. You know match. Crosby was a nice fund player for them last year, you know. I, don't think he ever be maybe a true elite number. One Guy I'm not many are that's why it's elite, but I I mean that's a fourth round. Pick turning into a really good number. Two Guy is awesome and arden. Arden key is a pretty good rotational guy Rehearses a nice player, too at tackle, you know. He felt because of the heart condition, but you know they have some nice places up front, and then it kind of conversation. After that with the rest of the defense. It's it's GonNa be interesting well. Last year with feral. That was a disappointment for them. Four and a half sacks off eight hits I mean played them. Pretty! If you watch. Most people saw that as a reach when they took him and. I think he could still be like way early obviously..

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