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The fall is absolutely festooned with new album releases. Its just going to continue. Probably well into october or in the case of abba november. So that is just a kind of brief overview of the onslaught that awaits us is on what a lot of music to listen. Thank you very much stephen. So here's my first pick. The netflix limited series made is ten episodes long. It is based on stephanie. Lands book made hard work low pay and a mothers will to survive. That's made ma. Id it stars margaret qualley. Who you might know from anything from Once upon a time in hollywood to fosse verdon. She's an interesting young actress. Who's been kind of popping up in various different things for a while. She is the lead here. She is in practically. Every scene of this and sheep plays a young single mother who takes her little daughter to try to get away from her boyfriend. And she's not playing stephanie. Land specifically even though stephanie lands book is a memoir she's playing a different character. It's one of those words kind of based on the ideas that came out of the book so after she leaves the boyfriend she winds up getting into working as a maid. But more than that. What this series is about is about the mechanics of being poor so a lot of what it is concerned with is. What is it like to try to deal with. Different systems of government assistance. What is it like to actually try to use those forms of assistance out in the world. What are the requirements. It sounds like i mean it sounds makes things sound boring when you say like. It's part of. It's about paperwork but part of it is about paperwork. It has a as. I said margaret qualley and she is the real life daughter of andie macdowell. An andie macdowell plays her mother. In this andie mcdowell if you've been watching her has been having a really kind of interesting career progression whereafter this kind of ingenue moment. She now you know she did this. Really cool and interesting appearance in in the second magic mike movie where people were like the and i think i think you'll be interested to see her in this. This also stars a nica. Nonni rose who is good in everything. i think. I'm brushing up against the embargo. But it's a secret whether i liked it still. I'm just going to tell you i. I am interested in seeing how people react to it. It is coming out on october first on net flicks and that is my first pick. Now we go to glen for his second pick. Glenn what is your second pick. A second pick is a film called may day which is coming to theaters. I'm afraid which. But it's coming through theaters october first and i'm just going by the trailer here. I wanna make that clear. I haven't seen it. But i am intrigued. Its debut movie written and directed by karen shinora about a young waitress who escapes from her abusive boss by climbing into a restaurant stove and finds herself on an island. That is home to a group of young women who live on a beached submarine and use the submarines radio to lower world war. Two soldiers to their deaths now look. It's a formula for a reason right now. Critics who sought at sundance are a pretty much down the middle. All of them praised the look And when once you check out the trailer you will to The tone the premise but about half of them said it doesn't answer the questions. It raises which i'm going to guess are many. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't. I don't know but check out the trailer and tell me you're not intrigued. That his mayday in theaters october. First okay thank you. Very much glen. Well then mayday. October first asia. It looks like you also have a movie up for your second pick. Oh yes i do. So i watched maybe the first seven or eight cycles of america's next top model I was obsessed with it. I loved it. I still quote tyrez saying we're all rooting for you. Do we all that was like my one. My one four way into fashion other than that. I don't know anything about fashion. I don't get fashion world. I think it's cold up more into it. But i don't understand it. But yet i am. Very fascinated by house of gucci is going to be indicators on november twenty fourth. Because you've got lady gaga. You've got adam. Driver do jared leto. Jeremy irons summa. Heck al pacino. This cast now often giant blockbuster casts like this do not necessarily mean that the movie is going to be any good and this movie might not be good. But i'm hoping it'll be at least a very fun mess because i it's it's selling very dramatic story. It's got some based off. The trailer has very ryan murphy. Esque feel to it. And maybe i'm just placing that on him. Because i'm thinking of the jani for saatchi show he did. And then the fact that lady gaga has worked with him but lady. gaga's playing patrizia. Reggiani and adam driver is playing maurizio. Gucci and patrizia reggiani was married to gucci who at the time was like the head of obviously up gucci And she apparently hired someone to kill him. And so it's it's got murder it's got it's got lady gaga doing even more dramatic than we saw her doing a star is born so i'm just really excited to see how fund and messy and perhaps who knows not that great movie will be but it looks fabulous. It sounds loud is in it. It's going to be loud. it's going to have a a kind of a sketchy accent. But i mean this trailer grabbed most people in six words. Those six words being father son on house of gucci. Which sounds like she's a vampire but you know what i'm in the close. It's nothing else. All right fascinating house of gucci november twenty fourth. My second pick is a book. I don't wanna be the one who says that. I am always responsible for bringing up and coming writers previously. Unrecognized undiscovered onto your into onto your radar but there is a guy named. What is the name here. Colson whitehead so far has only two pulitzer prizes for pass novels the nickel boys and the underground railroad and he has a new novel coming out called a harlem shuffle which is coming out soon september fourteenth and i think that it is safe to say there are certain authors who you know that when they put a novel out people are going to have a bunch of interesting conversations about it. This is apparently both a family story. And sort of crime fiction taking place in the new york of the nineteen sixties. I believe one of the reasons i picked. This is that. I don't always believe in just because it's this person it's important because i think that can lead to a little bit of like here's what the cannon is and he here are the insiders and outsiders and all that stuff but here is somebody where it's like. Okay if this is who wrote this then you're going to want to have this on your radar and you're going to want to kind of have that in your in your line of sight so again. September fourteenth harlem shuffle colson. Whitehead going for the The three peat of posts a hat trick pulitzer prizes. So that is my second pick stephen. You're going to bring us.

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