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Day. Morning, April 22nd. Carrie, How are you, Man? Giants coming home after a long road trip. You do well, Adam. I love this pointless see when they're coming home because as a beat writer, I haven't been able to go on road trips since the start of the 2020 seasons, so seeing baseball in person seeing live action out of the Oracle Park. That's kind of got me through. It Got me through last summer. It's certainly kind of a light at the end of the tunnel this year. With fans back in the stands the atmosphere, the energy has been better out of the Giants. Haven't sold a whole lot of tickets so far haven't been able to have even a covert capacity sellout as they like to call it down in Scottsdale for spring training, But at the same time, I really do look forward to go into the yard. And it makes things a little easier that the Giants or an entertaining and interesting team, I'll say that much. Yeah, they're definitely entertaining, and we were joking before we started recording that they're in that mode right now similar to how they were blank kind of towards the middle or the end of the 2020 season. Where if they're losing at the end of a game, you can't leave the robe. You can't let go do something because they might come back and I want to get into Gabe Kapler in just a minute. But is that the feeling that you have about this team right now, Like no lead is safe from the opposition. Be it at San Francisco or in Colorado and Philadelphia, wherever it is that they're playing, feels like they legit have the comeback ability. Just a matter of whether I'm thinking hold leads lately. Game themselves. Why 0.22 specific games Adam this season because the offense really for the first 2 to 3 weeks of the season was dreadful until that 10 run outbreak in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. But when you saw Kevin Gossman give up to first hitting home runs against the Reds, I think it was last week and Oracle Park where the Reds tagged him for four runs in the first inning. And then Ah Giants offense that hadn't scored more than four runs and like Eight or nine days comes out in scores for in the bottom of the first with two run shots from the Stransky and Crawford. They end up winning that game 76 again that Kapler really managed quite well, at the end. That to me, said that this team has some of the resilience qualities that we saw from the 2020 squad. And then Tuesday night again in Philadelphia. They go down for nothing early. They're down 63 in the late innings, Connor Brogden, who had not given up a run all season, he comes in and Gives up six in the eighth inning to the Giants. They end up winning 10 7, and so I do think that they have some of those same qualities that 2020 team. Like I said, Thea. Other thing that I would add is did you see what Brogden said? Postgame copes about facing the Giants for the first time in his career. Apparently, he grew up outside of Fresno, but he was a little star struck going against like Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt in the eighth inning. And so I think that that had something to do with the Giants winning one of these games, and it is fascinating to me that You know you could be star struck by this Giants lineup, but that's exactly what happened, apparently well, for me. It's sort of it's funny because I get into these debates now and God, your fans are feeling high and mighty. Now, you know, I mean, they're puffing their chest question. Every time I look at the standings and Dodgers, you're sitting right up there at the top to the number one team in the power rankings and some of the other teams that were supposed to be good. The Yankees one of the worst records in baseball right now, right, so Dodger fans are feeling are feeling high and mighty. And I have a buddy will. What up? Will ya will go first and last name. You can let him know how you feel about him and his Dodger fan prowess anyway, should be a message the other night because, hey, I'm just wondering you're the insider who's the best team in baseball? I'm like, Look at you. You get your crowning yourselves after 60 Game championships and you wanna act the same about a 20 game season are gonna act like because you played 20 games and you're the best. You're the best team ever And he said, you guys have been hanging your hat on those three world championships now for coming upon a decade. I thought, Well, yeah, except the difference is that the Giants actually in this sort of place in what you're saying, still have players on the roster that were around the last time they won World Series. So you're right there kids now getting to the big leagues who are pitching against baseball cards, right? I guess that used to be the micro Co term Now they're pitching against and they'll be the show characters right like he's out there facing he's facing Buster Posey. He's facing Crawford. And it's funny like these are the elements of baseball that I think we forget about that is so cool when a player can last over multiple generations because Broadened being that he's such a young player. He was probably at the peak of his his fandom around baseball before he starts really focusing on it as a career path, or you know you, you get in high school and you start noticing girls and you start playing other sports and doing other things, but to be on the field and be like, dude, these are some of my my idols. We've seen it with Mauricio Dubon, right, talking about him and Brandon Crawford. It's just very cool to me that we're to that level in baseball again, where some of the young guys who we love the young Buster Posey come into the league and Brandon Crawford hitting that first home run. In that grand slam down in Dodger Stadium. Now we're seeing sort of the flip of that where some of these young guys are coming up, and these were their legends. He's where their guys it's just It's one of the fun elements of baseball for May. Yeah, and what I would add, is seeing do bond being the same infield..

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