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Reporter, Jeff Gilbert W. W. J., Katie discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


The country many car dealerships were targeted and some of the weekend disturbances we get the story from W. WJW reporter Jeff Gilbert at least eight west coast dealerships were damaged in the unrest a Mercedes dealership in Oakland California had its windows smashed fire started in graffiti spray painted down the street a Honda dealership saw vehicle stolen and driven through the window with crowds nearby cheering around up by automotive news also saw several other west coast dealership suffering similar damage no reports of any damage to dealerships in our area Jeff Gilbert W. W. J. before you go nineteen fifty coming up you can go back out to the restaurant again very soon and take your bottles back W. time is nine thirty eight traffic and weather together around the eighth watching the rotors Katie well look through the triplet jam cams at Brighton U. S. twenty three year crash free and south bound I ninety six about a twenty five minute drive to.

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