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Well, those is true that the level of violence at the end of demonstrations in front has become extreme in the past three years. Not all LBJ and gas grenade. Injuries were provoked by rioters. They're happy numerous testimonies from people who say they do nothing violent whatsoever. But was shot by the police after talking to journalists Clem on Leno. I spoke to a colleague of his low home back to Lucy who tells me he was shot in the leg while reporting on a demonstration he was wearing a red press. Armband was a good distance from any demonstrator, and we shot for no reason tool. He says casino systematic filming of LBJ shots could curb this sorts of abuse and other things his Clem Leno will be to extend riot training to those now using this dangerous weapon. Release. Also, there's not enough training. So this is something that can be improved on in particular for the so-called anti-criminal brigades, the PAC who have been drafted in to confront the demonstrators over the past few weeks. These men have unlike the Sierras riot police and the genomes never been given riot-control training. They used to firing the LBJ's and more static situations against criminals. So maybe the solution would be if we're not going to ban LBJ to better train, the people who use them. The French interior ministry has ordered a further one thousand two hundred eighty dis for the next four years. DWI paris. I'm Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany. You're listening to inside Europe..

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