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On a guy you're playing with whether it's just collared speed. That's a lot of fun and that that really gets me excited. Because that's what. Let's not team sports. I love playing basketball when i was younger. I love plan soccer. We don't do that. A whole lot on the pga tour and we all probably have come from sports backgrounds. Where he played all these other sports. And i feel like i'd be a great teammate. But it could bring out totally different sodomy. I really don't know. I mean i guess i did a little bit walker cup but you gotta play into it. I mean that's what it's all about. Playing into the crowd getting riled up. That sounds really fun. All i just don't know how the how you how you channel that into play your best golf too. You know i i agree i agree but i guess that's where he leaned on guys who have done it before because i feel like kuching are really close. He's he's helped me a lot over the years from the shark shootout stuff. I mean he. He's been a great friend. I felt like we have the same type of demeanor on the course. And he'd be a great gotta lean on he's played in a lotta ryder cups A lot of presidents cups He'd be a god really. Lean on on. Give me some advice on how to channel that. Because you're right that's a totally different atmosphere. And i guess every everybody's different and everybody's got to use it to their advantage of of ultimate plan. Plan the best. They can wolf. I'm looking at the team we have. We've talked a little bit about the brooks bryson thing going on patrick read in jordan speed and captain furic had a bit of a. I don't know what you wanna call. What happened there in paris. So if i if. I'm saying you know if i'm sensing you know kind of a little bit of difficulty in the us team room. I can't help but ask. But you've had patrick. Reid was a college teammate of yours you guys have a bit of a history together. What's your what's your relationship like. What is that history. And what is your relationship with patrick. Read so are great friends now. We work with the same trainer on the road. So i i see him a lot. I haven't played with them awhile but we're great friends now. I i think he's i don't know if grown up is the right word but He he's gotten a lot better he doesn't feel like everybody's out beginning now which i saw a light because patrick is is a great guy. He's he's getting he's softened up a bit. Which which. I i really like but i. I've known touching. Since i was probably twelve or thirteen years old plan in junior tournaments. He was probably a year or two younger than i remember. Playing with him in the southern junior actually had seattle. And when i was thirteen or fourteen. So we we go way back and Obviously played him in the final round of the incidental as and stillwater. Georgia verse augusta state. He beat me to in one which it wasn't the fact that i was playing him. I mean it was the fact that we never want and asked him when i was georgia. So that that's one of the things that of sticks in my mind. I wish we won a national championship. We had one of the best teams if not the same four years there and if he was on our team monsignor we would have no doubt one s jim show because he's an unbelievable match player. Unbelievable player but he'd be a guy. I would have no problem plan within the ryder cup with his craftiness with his short name. His putting what's his will to win. I mean i. I rarely seen a guy with with the will to win. He has and that comes out at the ryder cup that comes out and team events. I witnessed it firsthand when he beat me that the championship. I mean he's he's tough. And i would have no problem getting paired with him. I think personally and bryson will be a great match up with bryson smashing drivers. Patrick can play from anywhere. You can literally put him in a trash can and they'll figure it out how to gyp. It up there three feet. He's one of the best chippers ever seen. So i think they will be a actually an awesome pairing on. I think they get along really well. You can say there have the same type personalities of being a little bit of outcast. I don't really see it that way. But i'm sure the public sees it that way of they can kind of use. Use that fuel to help thirteen. What just total hypothetical here from from golf playing perspective. Would it be difficult to be paired with bryson in foursomes in all shot just thinking about like if there if i could characterize one player in professional golf that it makes the most sense that this guy just play his own ball Just style of play and just the whole you can call it scientific method of calculating and all that thing it seems like he would be extremely difficult not even from a personality perspective to play with enforce that is totally me sitting at home you as one of his peers with that is am i onto something there or is that totally. Just kind of something. You could easily adjust to the thought he'd be a great best ball partner. That's what he's gonna make a ton of birdies but for me alternate shot. I feel like you need to play with the guy that plays a similar game as you. Because it's tough for bryce and you can't you can't club off of him because he he hits probably right to clubs longer. You have no idea if he's trapping it or he's taking some off. You have no idea what he's doing so yeah for for me. They'll be tough playing with the guy and alternate shot. But that's what i'm saying. I think patrick would love that. He would love that challenge of like. Hey hit it as close to the green is you can. I've got one of the best short games on the pga tour. I can get up and down from anywhere. So i think would be actually a dominant aaron excited for the ryder cup. I thought i was already excited. That's that's that's good insight some other. We got a lot of a lot of ya events to cover for you this year. But i imagine there's a certain jitter that comes over you when you stand on the tv for the first playoff hole of a tour event. Compare that to standing on the eighth eighth playoff hole of a tour. Did you get a certain level of of exhaustion of nerves to the point where you know. It doesn't even feel like you're necessarily playing for a championship. Take us take us to the travelers this year. While when I knew what it meant making the puddle. Eighteen regulation. I new seventeen was going to be hard to birdie that penalty eighteen was tough to get to download. It was sought new. Making that regulation. Eighteen was going to be tough to beat. I didn't think i knew it could probably tie. And it was going to be tough to beat but also jason day and he was awesome. After i made that pot. He was like just stay ready. I know you're one shot in the league right now but just stay ready. Be up for anything. So i mean that's pretty cool for that to to give me that advice and Osama scorecard went straight to the range. I knew anything can happen And i heard the roar kramer making putt on eighteen. But but definitely the first playoff all year a little more nervous than as you keep going on the eighth playoff awful. I wasn't nervous at all. I was just ready to get done. I was ready to end it but it was easy to get tired long long day out there. But my caddie eric kept me on it but fans were incredible. They were just like punchdrunk by the end of it. All sales probably cut off and they were just gotta just kept the cap the energy flow and somehow but that gave us the energy to keep going. i mean they. They didn't really want to see anybody win. The other chanting kramer out there which added a little more fuel to me of on approved these people wrong. Or when the just inspite it on yelling kramer but it was a lot of fun. I mean i had not played with kramer before. I i've been around a few times. He's a great guy and it was one of those long calculated boxing matches. Where yet. yeah. We didn't make any birdies but i thought it was a great grind We just we both showed a lot of heart. He made some spots and clutch spots. We were both having a lot of fun and and luckily on puddle on the fuller we could. We can still be playing right now. Can you compare getting in contention these days with maybe earlier in your career. Does it ever get easier. Does it get less nerve wracking. Is there a sense of you. Know i've been here before i've done this before. And it's not going to be the end of the world either way with this outcome. I'm wondering if you could just share. I never know what i'm looking at. When i'm watching player in contention what they're dealing with you know because everyone's always so stoic but what's going on inside. Yeah it definitely. Does it easier because my my first couple of years on tour..

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