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RoHaas, batting second, The second basement Jazz Chisholm Junior. Hey, Souza Gil ours. The first baseman batting third, batting fourth in right field. Jesus Sanchez. Brian Anderson plays third base and bats. Fifth, batting six. The center fielder Luis Princeton. Hitting seventh in and left field. Jorge Alfaro Alex Jackson will catch in Bad eight and batting ninth. The picture L E. H. R Hernandez. Now for David Bells, Reds the Reds come in 66 57, the Reds interplay tonight just a game back in the wild card race. Leading things off at second base is Jonathan, India. Adding second in center field, Tyler Nay Quinn. Nick Castellanos plays right field. He bets third, batting fourth at first base. Joey Votto hitting fifth. The shortstop Kyle Farmer, Mike Moustakas, plays third base and hit sixth. Adding seventh in right field are STD's Aquino. And batting, seventh right fielder. Excuse me. Batting seventh right field are CDs Aquino Tucker Barnhart will hit eighth and catch and batting ninth, a pitcher Sonny Gray. The umpires for tonight's game at home play John Tompaine Jim Wolf is at first base. Junior Valentine is at second base with Mike much Lynskey at third base, please once again to be joined by the crafty Left hander Chris Welch and Chris Sonny Gray gets the ball for the Reds today. Reds hoping for a strong start from grade tonight, I think you'd like to raise the bar of expectation. On Sunday, he's 10 games over 500 in his career, he is making start number 207. 1 79 lost 69 this year. He's averaging only five innings per start. That's right, a major league average, So let's hope he gets a little bit more tonight. First pitch is up and away Ball one. Want to know on Miguel Rojas. Tonight's Tim Star game. Time to mature is 87 degrees. Gray into his wind up home with the one pitch swinging to miss RoHaas out in front of the count is even one ball and one strike graze one of my favorite pictures, the wash. He's so intense. He he knows he's a leader. I think the team plays better behind him, but sometimes he gets so amped up. It's hard for him to deliver what he really wants to. Here's the right handers, 11 pitch and RoHaas pops it up into right, moving over his cast Janos and under it, he's there. He's got it. One away. Good. Complete home comfort with an energy saving high efficiency. Tim Start heating and cooling system. Find your local temp star dealer at temp start dot com. Tim Star quality You can feel Now Jazz Chisholm comes the plate to 56 13 home runs and 39 R B. I's for jazz Chisholm. Chisholm did not starting the game yesterday. In fact, we did not see This is, um Yesterday. But he gets the start. On this night. Is, um, a left handed hitter. Now the pitch is swung at foul down the left field line that's out of play. Count is quickly. Nothing in one on Chisholm. Which is, um Came.

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