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Help checks coming up in a moment with me Claudia Hammond today the new outbreak of a, bowler in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has sprung up just weeks after the previous outbreak was declared over the new. Patients are many thousands of miles away in the east of the country and, we'll hear why this time it's going to be, far more challenging to deal, with and very risky for medical staff also how the heart response to music and new hope for hay. Fever sufferers to join me for health check after the news BBC, news with Jerry Smith the American space agency Nassar is due to launch a space probe, shortly to study the sun's outer atmosphere the polka seller Pro. Bowl blast off from Cape Canaveral in Florida and we'll come closer to the sun than any other spacecraft before within about six billion six million kilometers study events like solar flares from close by The US agrochemical, giant Monsanto says it will, fight to defend its bestselling weekend after court ordered it to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. To a man who claimed it gave him cancer the firm insisted, that his products containing the herbicide glyphosate was safe the code was told that the school, groundsman became terminally ill as a result of using the chemical Turkey's banks due to hold an emergency meeting with regulators following the latest plunge in the. Value of the local currency the lira fell by up to eighteen. Percent of the President Trump announced an increase in tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium from Turkey There's been a security alert at sea TAC international, airport in the US Seattle after mechanic stole a plane and. Took off without permission the aircraft a twin engined turboprop with no passengers or crew aboard crashed out of being pursued by two fighter aircraft A man has appeared in court in southern California is charged, with starting a huge wildfire Monday prosecutors alleged that far Clark was involved in a dispute with a neighbor Romania's president Klaus Yohannes. Has condemned what he called the disproportionate use of force by riot police against anti-government protesters. In Bucharest they use batons. Tear gas and water cannon to disperse the demonstrators North and South Korea are playing a rare football match as part of efforts to improve relations between the two countries the game and so has been organized by trade unions BBC news Hello I'm Claudia Hammond welcome to health check from the BBC the show with all the latest medical findings from around the world in a moment there's worrying news from the DRC on the challenges of tackling the latest Ebola outbreak, in a region where there's both conflict and a million displaced people new hope for hay fever sufferers in a few years time and how heart patients.

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