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Tampa Bay on this Wednesday, July 8th. I'm Ryan Gorman with me this evening, Felix Vega and James Berland er on the board. We've got a lot to cover this evening coming up a break Tonton families facing charges for allegedly selling a bogus corona virus cure. Not a lot of great news coming out of this state at the moment yesterday it was the human head that was found on the side of the road. You're in the Tampa Bay area, And now this what? We talked about these guys before. Is this the same? Yes. Yes. I didn't put two and two together. I got the right to complain in this statement from the U. S attorney down in Miami. With a persistent aren't Yes, they are. They've got cures for everything. Except they're not cures it all. All right. We're gonna get to that. Also, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood is going to join us. He put out a bit of a rant on Twitter yesterday that went viral, not riel happy with how local and state governments have handled the corona virus crisis, so that should be Very interesting. You reached out to evolution County because that's where you grew up and book the sheriff And you know the sheriff because he's been around for a while. Yeah, he was the chief of my hometown Holly Hill before I became sheriff. My mom absolutely loved him. When they were still living over there, So it'll be interesting to get his perspective and me knowing the county as well as idea all the different issues that he's dealing with because it's a very diverse from, you know, Daytona to do land and western parts of the county. And what he's dealing with is pretty much the same thing that other counties, other cities or dealing with across the state. But boy he really let loose on Twitter. Last night, an ABC action news investigative reporter Cailin McGivern, and he's going to check in to tell us about the recent reports on hospitalization numbers across Florida and the latest on our messed up unemployment system. So all of that and more On the way our top story this evening, the latest on the Corona virus outbreak in Florida and here in the Tampa Bay area. Let me run through today's numbers over 10,000 cases up slightly from a week ago. I have a feeling we're going to see some big numbers tomorrow Friday and then, perhaps Saturday as well, That's kind of how the weeks have been trending. You've got light days. On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and even in tow Wednesday and then come Thursday Friday Saturday. Things really start to pick up the percent positive rate was 14.1% of the mid teens are really our new average at the moment. And we're going to spend some more time in the median age in a few minutes, but real quick two weeks ago, the median age of the tests coming back positive was 33. One week ago. It was 37 today it was 39. So what that tells you is transmission is starting to reach the second level. It's no longer just circulating among the youngest population this Interstate 48 deaths up to from July 1st last week, so that has stayed Pretty steady on also get into why that's likely the case in a few minutes as well. The numbers for Miami Dade County are just brutal. I went through every county again, and I'll reiterate some of the smaller counties around the state are really starting to see their caseload. Pick up and some of them, have you No median age is in the sixties. You know you're talking about the at risk population getting hit so Certainly something to keep an eye on. But out of the major metropolitan areas across the state, Miami Dade stands out and nobody really comes close. And even if they had decent contact, tracing which they don't and it's a mess down there. I'll touch on that to the battle now between the governor and Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Jimenez was taken to Ah new level today. At the caseload itself would be too overwhelming to keep up with. You can't do contact tracing. When you've got this many cases coming back, they had almost 3000 cases come back with a positivity rate of 22%. You're talking Arizona Houston numbers in Miami Dade County. And it's not getting any better. Plus their median age is up to 41. So you've got that money, almost 3000 cases coming back. 22% positive rate and immediate age over 40. Just I mean, you really can't get much worse of accommodation unless the median age went up even further, which it probably will at this point because the virus is everywhere. In Miami Dade County. And there they're turning into their own version of You know, New York and I'm worried about seeing what goes on down there. Broward County as well seeing, you know, I think between the two of them did they have like a record number of cases. Yeah, it's bad down in South Florida. That's definitely the worst part of this state again Yesterday late last night. CNN put out some information on Florida hospitals, and I'll read you the tweets. And then what I did was I put out a thread with some context to it because it was definitely missing it. So CNN puts out that in Florida, 56 hospitalized coups and 25 counties have hit capacity and show zero ICU beds available, including eight in Miami, Day three in Broward, three and Hillsborough. And foreign Orange County's. That's according to data released by the Agency for Healthcare Administration. So I went and I looked because I saw that. Let me do a little digging here. Here's the context that's missing. First of all, just because There's a hospital that shows zero I seeyou beds available. That doesn't mean they don't have the ability to make I seeyou beds available. And also there looking at specific hospitals and what you need to do is you need to look at counties in the surrounding areas because load can be taken by other hospitals in the area. If that's necessary. There are things that you condone. So I laid out when it came to I C u beds and this is without Taking into consideration that again these hospital systems they can ramp up bed capacity if they need Teo, but just based on the numbers as they are the roughest county's talking about less than 10% capacity at the moment. Bay Clay Lee Leon Manatee, Marion Okaloosa Osceola Pascoe Polk seminal in ST Lucie. And I bring up Hulk specifically because there was a really good tweet put out by one of the reporters over a Bay News nine. Earlier today..

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