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Well, bad is December two thousand eighteen was for Wall Street January twenty nineteen keeps shaping up to be pretty good. The market is off to its best beginning to a year in a decade as the main indexes added another percent each yesterday in about a half percent. So far today right now, the Dow gaining one hundred thirty five NASDAQ up thirty eight s and p five hundred rising nine points as hold high for a resolution to the US China trade standoff amid talks this week and despite the World Bank cutting its forecast for global economic growth and now Fitch Ratings service, according to Reuters warning of a possible cut to the US AAA credit rating at the government shutdown continues into March causing a debt ceiling standoff later this year. Andrew O'day, Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's newsradio. A new study by the American Cancer Society shows cancer death rates in the US have been falling for at least a quarter century. Rebecca Segal is lead author of the report it's important because it's a touch point of what's going on in cancer in the United States right now. And we can only act on information that we have the information lifestyle changes play a significant role a decrease in smoking. In addition to early detection are being credited for lower rates of the four major cancers. Bruins one again last night. But hockey is that the only focus for the B's right now WBZ's. Adam Kaufman tells us football is also top of mind, we talk about it all the time. If there's one thing that special about Boston's pro sports teams aside from all the winning. It's the way they support one another when the Red Sox won the World Series, a couple months back many of their players coaches and executives made the rounds. With the championship trophy taking a duck boat into Gillette for a patriots game dropping the puck for Bruins game and showing up during a time out of a Celtics game. We've been fortunate. See the same display many times the last two decades. Well, the pants starting their run to another Super Bowl Sunday afternoon Foxborough against the chargers. B's leader. Patrice Bergeron arrived yesterday's morning skate. The patriots winter hat a Tuque. If you will he was asked if he was trying to bring the football, fellas luck. Yeah. Hopefully, you know. You know that they won the Super Bowl wet. So I'm trying to bring some good luck to them. The patriots Twitter account saw the dressing room video and thanked Berge on for his support. Hopefully, we'll see the pats and another Lombardi trophy had the garden this time next month. Adam Kaufman, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. One thing we know here in Boston is traffic and in Seattle today. They are simply saying brace yourself a major downtown roadway along the waterfront is set to shut down for good and officials in the Pacific northwest say this will be one of the most painful traffic periods in the region's history. A new tunnel is replacing the Alaskan way viaduct which carries ninety thousand vehicles each day. But that tunnel won't be open until weeks after the via dot closes this week. And in Boston the symphony of traffic is getting to everyone, including our own Karl Stevens he made a video yesterday with hands on the wheel and time on his hands and needless to say it translates to radio..

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