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His statement his complete synopsis of the announcement that he made today It's online. I'll be posted on social media here in a couple of minutes. But in it, he reiterates. That when officers run able to get anyone answer the door to the apartment, the decision was made to breach the door. Sergeant Manning leaves the first and only officer to enter the residence. Sergeant Mattingly identified two individuals standing beside one another. At the end of the hall note, he said, standing Said a male and a female. In his statement. He says the mail was holding a gun arms extended in a shooting stance. I've been trained. I'm I have a concealed carry. Shooting stance. I think you know, means arms extended as though you are Engaged in A gun fight. I mean, we're taught over and over again, where To put our hands. Howto have raised the weapon, how to extend your arms out in his shooting stance. Now those are the only terms he uses. But I'm that's the picture. I see in my mind from this. He said, Hey goes on to say In a statement In his statement, Kenneth Walker Ah Mattingly rather says that the male was holding a gun arms extended in a shooting stands. Mattingly said the man's gun fired heard a boom. Immediately knew he was shot as a result of feeling heat in his upper thigh. So that's the big question about Was it friendly fire for the officer, and there the The evidence presented to the grand jury, which, by the way, Steve Roll mines. Today with Mei said that all Daniel camera was doing was presenting his narrative to the grand jury, and they based their decision on his narrative. Well, this is what it issue can read it in detail for yourself. But note, he said, standing Both of them. However, Benjamin Crump, who is the civil rights attorney, issued a statement a joint statement actually with Sam Aguilar and LL. Anita Baker, who are Louisville co counsel's Ben Crump is a national figure. But he says in there that there are a lot of inconsistencies with what Daniel Cameron claimed. Ben Crump, the attorney. You have to remember he works on behalf of the Briana Taylor estate and would have likely been been taking a significant chunk of the $12 million settlement with the city of Louisville. We need to state that He says an illegal Warren obtained by perjury well. That issue was also addressed by Daniel Cameron today, and he said that the warrant details were not known to the police officers who are Executing the warrant. They're just told to do their jobs is what he said. They just go out. They get their orders and do it right. And remember, there were multiple warrants and other places, too, because they were trying to stop this. Drug operation. If not at this exact same moment, pretty close to some of each party can't contact the others and let them know what's up. So been Trump at odds with what was released today, he goes on to say in a statement and again, I should say they go on because it's technically a multi lawyer statement. However, the headline reads. National Civil rights Attorney Ben Crump responds to grand Jury Decision and Briana Taylor case. So trump if you will, says Um More than 30. Gunshots fired, many of which were aimed Briana while she was on the ground. If you heard any reference to anything like that, Haley before. Ah, no Unless were that we're assuming that once she was hit because she was hit six times on Ly one was fatally. But maybe one of them hit a leg and she fell, And then they shot her on the ground. But that was never brought up in Cameron's Ah, Why would you shoot her on the ground that that would be? My only logic from it is if she had fallen and they were still aiming at her and Kenneth Walker is upright and is not hit right, right. That that would only Yeah, that would be the on ly scenario I could think of. Well, either that or they're just firing blindly and that, you know, not really good. Yeah. Well, he uses that word blandly. Here's back to Ben Crump statement. Many others fired blindly into every room of her home. That seems correct, A documented and clear cover up and the death of an unarmed black woman who posed no threat and who was living her best life. That's just part of a statement. From attorney Ben Crump..

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