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I don't think can take a receiver up four. I like it guy later in route one and the guy and there's a God love in round three and I'll get him at a second. But Peres Campbell from Ohio State fourth four three guy over six foot about two hundred and ten pounds made big plays for a house state all year. I mean. Yeah. One he had a one handed catch I washed into Saturday with a ball was kind of behind him. And I'm not sure if it was taped Martell do or was it was the perfect spot. But he just kind of have like basically like one-handed by in this like ODBC way or OB Jay when he when he called the ball against car but going back to the end zone kind of similar, but caught it and broke it off like twenty yards and a score. But really just outran defender. He's a guy that gets bigger he can play outside with. We'll take top off. You can play the slot. But the receiver in folks, right? This. Name down. I'm telling you. This is going to be the guy in this class. If you're gonna be like how do people pass on him early in the draft? And I watched him play in person three times this year. Did he does he play the five nine? No, okay. He does. Oh, I got. It is Don Johnson. Yep. He's John Johnson. No relation to to throw me the damn ball. UFC fight on Keyshawn Johnson. Right. But Keyshawn Johnson went to the same high schools. Devante atoms broke all his records went to Fresno state like atoms. They're like brothers. I know Green Bay people and fans really like him a lot too because because of the atoms connection, but if you're a raider Audi to consider around too early in round two he may be my guy. This guy is a number one receiver, and rob rain who are the plenty of stuff with in the past. He's got him late. I mean like I'm looking like. He's got him going round. Whereas you have right here. I'm trying to pull it up grumbling around five right now, and he doesn't have going there. Right here round fix the no way Keyshawn. There's no way he's going around fix this, dude. Six one two five four five. He he's a guy that when the ball is in his hands. He just gives run-up to catch. His rack yards are crazy doesn't drop balls. He wants great routes, you know, willing blocker he runs the route Trie intelligent. Either. Do he put it on when they played Amazon state? There were times where I mean, they went to other way, but he's wide open on rows like literally DVD's getting turned around. I'm and I'm after game watching this. And I'm watching his specifically because I watched him play UNLV. And I watched them play Hawaii when I was on Fresno for watching that game. And he was putting DV's skate. This dude is he who Jit receiver that's gonna that somebody's gonna draft. And I think Oakland be an ideal spot for him. No. I agree. And it's funny. That's why I said, hey, does he play into five five nine because Keyshawn Johnson is a dude. I mean, he absolutely is a dude. And I love the way he catches the ball with his hands. I mean, I love the way he does not let the ball get into his body. He just absolutely goes. And gets it. I think that's awesome. And I'm so glad that we're on the same page with that one. Because man, he is an absolute do there's things he does. With his hands. That are ridiculous. You know? And he at me, he actually does it it different levels. You know, if the ball is going to be over his head or high. He'll catch the ball in a different style. I mean, he just he's a professional wide receiver. You know, he he can catch the ball. He's a professional catcher of the ball is just certain guys that they kind of fight the ball. He does not fight the ball. He. Yeah. I'm man. It's so funny that you mentioned that he is definitely one of the dudes..

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