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Wow. Excellent Becky such you're such an amazing. Musician how many instruments you? Play mainly, three but I Don paddle on a lot of other ones When you come out to one of. Our. Shows. You'll. See me play fiddle and claw hammer. Banjo and guitar but I? Also play, bass and mandolin started with piano lessons as well right I do on fiddle classical, violin claw hammer banjo do songwriting and vocalisations, as well and. I have a few bay students and guitar students one mandolin student right. Now But I only? Have ki- kind of cut back on. My teaching because the touring has been keeping. Me busy so just teaching on Tuesdays and Wednesdays both. Online via Skype or FaceTime Oh that's so high tech Also via a well not via here in. Manchester. At my music studio wow so to to be able to take lessons, from an. IBM award winner that's pretty. That's, pretty gravy right there Yeah it's a folks can find. Out more about that on my website Becky Buller dot, com and and all the lesson Infos there again along with our complete tour schedule, and information about the band and our music videos. I. Just had a music video come out the August I and it's featuring, myself and. Sam Bush in Sam Bush Legendary mandolin and fiddle player in. Bluegrass music but also in the greater Americana world playing, with Emmylou Harris his band the Nash the new grass revival And of course now he has the Sam Bush. Band but he guested with, me on my brand new record crepe paper heart and we did a duet just the two of us me playing claw hammer, banjo him play mandolin and we're singing. A song that I wrote with Tony Rakkli called the rebel. In the rose that I think, it's awful party but please check out the music video I will hopefully by. The time the, y'all are hearing this I'll have it on. My, website but it is on on YouTube and. We've, got it on Facebook and paper check it out and, the album, is, called. Crepe paper heart, some I just I'm not a music instrument person I I could barely play the radio and which is ironic you know. Radio right so I really really admire folks with your level of creativity and you just picked up? The, violent, and just started playing boom like. That how many songs, do you have memorized in your head that, you can just play on a whim oh oh probably more, than I'd, let on, I have no idea Lots, and lots I've been playing most. Of my young life So. You have an amazing brain I thank you That's amazing She's cute as a button. To folks I don't know if you can if it comes through, on radio but when you go to check out, her video Cues Manchester's, musical sweetheart Becky Buller? Alright so one more time Somerville this Saturday what time, it's from four to seven PM, dinnertime of course because it's a bitch fried what am I right and it's right out there behind. The summit view Ville United Methodist Church. Summit Ville Tennessee and it's going to be rain or shine will, be under the really awesome Phelps pavilion back there And it's. Ten dollars a plate for adults five, dollars a plate, for kids. Twelve. And under all proceeds go, to the. Water project? And you'll be hearing some bluegrass gospel, music from, myself in the Becky Buller, band I've got a? Killer lineup of musicians with me Nedal Ned Liberace on the banjo professor Dan Boehner of, east Tennessee State university on the tar Nate Lee on the mandolin we call him the human adverb Dwayne Anderson on. The base well it sounds like a great time great entertainment.

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