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Six eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom what to do about growing more eyeballs stevens fox news the alabama gop said a candidates still refusing to step aside despite allegations of sexual impropriety that he denies trying to do if more is elected it comes to the senate because the people that obama let them and someone files a complaint with the senate they apparently have done with al franken and all the up to ethics committee to weigh the evidence and in all the individual senators to make a decision based on their findings and recommendations alabama gop centre rather arkansas gop senator tom cotton on cbs's face the nation members of congress with a new emphasis on weeding out sexual harassment impropriety michigan democratic congresswoman debbie dingell last if there is a double standard involving candidates like willing more and sitting members of congress like how franken out dancing that there's a couple stand i think we can be very careful now i'm gonna i'm gonna say this that everybody's entitled to be innocent until proven guilty but when people come forward there so large group of people the alfredo gordon he has his committee let's see where that goes congresswoman going on nbc's meet the press ninety three year old zimbabwean president robert mugabe not resigning today's expected but sounding like he's going to stay on jay's me gene lamont element has underscored the need for us to relieve go allegedly stocks processes that drew nation to onoma of bodies on party now saying they will impeach mugabe authorities now searching the texas big bend area for potential suspects witnesses after us customs border patrol agent was fatally injured responding to what officials will only say was agdal many their second ancient also seriously injured texas gop senator ted cruz calling what happened on those water agents and attack president trump tweeting moments ago we will stand up we will muster we must build the border wall you're listening to fox news fair.

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