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Now he's on a you know it's interesting 'cause with 24 hours before the deadline uh oakland and in the yankees were kind of in an impasse and sunny gray and in oakland you don't indicated the yankees you know what the the dodgers a jumping in late they're really going to give up by prospects to get sunny grain the yankees didn't believe that they thought it was oakland just bluffing and when you look at the the quality of the prospects that the yankees gave up four sunny gray i don't think the dodgers were we're going to give up you know a comparable package a guy like walker buehler here you're going to see in the big leagues are in the next two months in of their best pitching prospector overdue go uh their best position player prospect and and really given the context of where they are in running away in their division i'd only sunny gray was a guy who was potentially going to move the needle for them in the post season and i think they made the right choice not to really engaged deeply on sonics we absolutely could see attach your yankee world series uh you know look i think yasser is all year been the dominant team in the american league and they shocked people around baseball by not doing more uh leading up the trade deadline not adding pitching and the gap between the astros and all the other contenders in the american league uh got more narrow and let me tell you something if the yankees get into the post season with a bullpen of a role this chapman in delon chances sin david robertson and tommy canley that's the type of bullpen you can win with in october and you know now they have too great starters and luis severino and sunny gray and the dodgers from here on out the end of the year there they are going to be viewed by folks all round baseball the team to be yesterday talking with the cubs.

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