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Hello everyone and welcome to slash home daily for may twenty ninth two thousand eighteen today's episode we'll discuss solo star wars stories disappointing box office and have a full spoiler discussion about that film this is slash home editor in chief peter surata in to his podcast this slash on weakened editor bright omen hey that's me and joining us is our star wars expert he writes for slash on but he also writes for a number of other sites you know it's spreading his wisdom about a galaxy far far away and that is bryan young hey thanks for having me we're here of course to talk about solo star wars story you know slash cast did a review of the of the film which i strongly disagree with i i've already shared my opinion on the film i i don't think either of you has so let's start brian let's start with you what are your thoughts on solo i you know this movie was more fun than i was expecting the last thing i expected to feel when i left this film was wanting more films like this with on solo and so i was i was very pleasantly surprised i had i feel like reasonable expectations but you know as a caper in a heist film it was a lot of fun as a star wars film it gave me a lot of those touchstones to the things i wanted and has a deep cannon nerd for star wars it it offered me so much more to include in that rich tapestry so i was i don't know maybe i'm just the sort of person they make star wars films for but it worked very well for me i i've seen the film three times now and i don't know i don't understand anybody who cannot enjoy this film you know it's it's.

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