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My let try to coordinate our break with I take. So we can call the stat again and just have max Kellerman respond during the commercial break. Let's figure out what we need to do here. Should we break now? So that we can have some room. I wanna call max during the break and get commentary from him responding to Tedy Bruschi because they all laughed, but they were all laughing in Mexico Herman's faith this. What do we need to do? Should we just break? Now. Let's break now. And hope I don't know what they're no. It's not no I want. I don't know what they're doing either. TV register recklessly break consuming Gwyn daybreak ill. No, we're on this. Because then we'll be off when they're off. We're not on the air. You wanna get down on air? Correct. What if he doesn't answer me somewhat? Then we'll do something else. Next segment. All right. So we're going to break now with avenue. Yeah. He'll answer when he's on here. These show in free time for some ads. You're on it today. Billy. I mean, I'm very confused. We're gonna call him on air. I thought we were calling him in the break to come on the show. We are going to be off air calling. We are going to be on air calling him when he is off air. So that he can come on our show can't come on our show while he's on. I take a max, Mike notices. He also, but you know, Dan. Asper mattresses people casper mattress as they support what we do around here. And we are asking you to support the people who support us. I mean, tell the people about casper, please when soldier boy found and he's going to be a daddy dreamer, waking up well rested. I just realized I can't do this. Because the last text that I have to max Kellerman is almost the exact same thing. And it went ignored. Hey, max, texting on behalf of Dan. I know you're in a break right now. Can you join us for quick second to talk about the lighting on? I take that went. On responded. Okay. I'm gonna just call them right now. I'm gonna face to face. I've of the Dan Le Batard moves on the air right now. Lewis, Dan, Levitan move. Do it. Oh, they're going to break. They're going to break, but they're not in break right now. He's already embraced. He does look down down. All right. Let's go to break..

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