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Five best guys doesn't mean it's the best five combination. Charlie's your five pledging on the field to be clear your best. Five is a methodology that led to chaz green left guard back in the day so not a flawless level of logic. There j. zari one says. Dj ouch seriously r. J. in whatever. But it says that i picked to lose to atlanta during the season which i did and asked if i would trade that game for a loss this week. Oh hell yeah like that has nothing to do with With the players involved. Here i would a thousand times rather lose to the afc than at the nfc. I don't care you know what the results are. Who goes into because it's an nfc win but to your point time. James says i'm not about moving zach if you get hurt at right tackle. We'll never get over agree with tom. That actually rather uptown but may mccarthy is not. i don't think he's on a short leash. But i do think mccarthy has realized that what he does incites people. Right like the pitchforks. Coming out quickly when the head coach of the dallas cowboys. Do you think there is any sense of motivation behind the we can't do this. Because if this blows up in our face it will never hear the end of you know what i mean like. We were already in. Some hot water was blocking the boys. 'cause we're greg guys you know what mean but if we get back martin hurt at not. His natural position tom. Rile is going to kill us next week. Is that anything that they are concerned about. Or should they be concerned about in your mind on doubt it. I'd i wouldn't be surprised if that's something that he like has in the back of his head but i don't think that would go into his decision making so much because you're going to be making a lot of wild moves if that's just okay. That's fair ultimately will answer this on a scale of one to ten and we'll go counterclockwise tony with ten being the ten. You have a solid night's sleep. It's like you had a big warm glass of milk right before you just close your eyes. You wake up in move muscle just the like totally sat there. An age thing. One being tossed and turned on nights slept two hours when needed to sleep. Eight one to ten where yet ontarians steel at right tackle this week for yet. I'm not sleeping comfortably. Probably not tossing and turning down to air maybe fluffed the pillows. Just a little uncomfortable. Yeah i'm an ac nfl guy. So maybe get both going. But but you like tom kind of said earlier You you have trust in calla more. Are they going to be able to scheme. This up in a may not be another. Big game for ezekiel elliott. But he's gonna you know he's got earned his paycheck in the in the past blocking My big thing is return. Steelers is and i'm super nervous. I just don't want him to to mess up the flow of this offense right. I mean we seen what they can do against a super bowl championship. Type defense The chargers oh to be respected but you know terrorist. They'll go out there and let's not. He named called a few times. So tony's at a four. Tom antonio is that too. So even less confident. Tony where you at. It sounds like you tom. If you went through everything did and you don't say something around seven we're gonna call you liar. Okay quit predicting stop because it makes it sound like i'm just grabbing the number from you at seven was the number that was in my head. I'm not you know. I'm i have concerns. I have a little bit of worries. You know but you know it just means that i woke up Lay there for fifteen twenty minutes with stuff. Running in my head memorial drifted back off right So i i wanna see what what killing more and and joe philbin can do with this. You know. I think philbin is somebody we haven't mentioned and hopefully he had a lot of input in this and his input was right because i think he he did a fairly remarkable job just keeping things even semi held together last year with all that happened and we saw last week that connor mcgovern was not the problem for the cowboys. Offense and It's it's interesting to note that Apparently the to connors connor mcgovern connor williams antibiotic all wound up rated his top ten run blockers by one of the metrics must've been pf and that brings up the fact that we didn't see a running game against the buccaneers because the book nears have that incredible defensive front seven that just shuts the run off the the pass rush may not be as big a factor because hopefully ezekiel elliott will begin to contribute in his primary role of running the football and tony pollard. Might get some cracks at it too. So you know this may be. We may be focused on just one element of the game and forgetting that there's a whole nother element that may take some of the pressure off with that pass rush because they have to worry about ezek going to get loose on them Definitely not pf there on the rankings. But for what it's worth. Pf did half pass blocking perspective. Only two cowboys offensive lineman above the teams tight ends. I thought that was notable. They were tyron smith and the aforementioned connor mcgovern Antonio by the way shots at to all of us says great show guys love the content. We love you antonio we all love you. make We've heard a four seven. Which by the way tom. Seven l. upside down. And i hope that we're eating that next week. The helped her and still plays really well but make..

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