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Too with rusty only on the motor racing network man it's hard to argue with pork chops make sure you get your questions and you don't want to miss out on that opportunity to chat with rusty all right next we told you that at the top of the broadcast Brad Keselowski will start on the pole of today's real heroes four hundred and Jeremy Bowen is crew chief he's been kind enough to join us ahead of today's race Jeremy thanks for taking some time no practice no qualifying today so what kind of concerns do you have knowing that this car hasn't even been on the track yet yeah I think that the biggest challenge is getting your travels right you know I mean every week that's first thing teams work on as you can imagine laughs and you know are you close not disciplinary to close this quarter you rear heights are they what you want to be in you know it's just yours you're starting heights senior attacker gaps to get your get your attitude where you on it so that's the biggest thing that you you really just have to lean on your simulation tools and other tools that we have to work with to try to get as close as we can off the truck and you know whoever hits are the best so certainly be the best in the first second one of the good things that's got to be a comfort to you was working with a guy who is eight one at Darlington and beat won a championship it's not like you're trying to get through this with a rookie with working with Brad Keselowski is too so how much can you rely on past notes this is going to be an absolutely one hundred percent green race track for example yeah absolutely you know tracks gonna have no rubber on it it's gonna take a lot of rubber in a hurry first couple sets tires are gonna wear out really quickly so it's good to have somebody like Brad knows how hard to push it without their desires up and you know that that's gonna be key to the first couple since the race is just make sure that you are wrong long enough to get up and stop for sure another thing is sixteen crew members at the track how does that differ from what you might normally happen what have you guys discussed in terms of how you're going to allocate responsibilities to the different people using the resources that you'll be allowed yeah so the the biggest challenge with that whole thing to be honest is is the behind the wall support purpose stop you're gonna have your five over the wall guys but the biggest challenge you have is pretty much everybody on the road crew has some role behind the wall during a pit stop it takes the whole group to complete that that's not the way you want to whether it's catching a tire Hannah Gaskin or catching a gasket on something everybody has something to do so you know we're we're taking mostly mechanics and myself you know all guys that they currently do similar jobs behind the wall we're having to shuffle the deck a little bit he does what's get everything accomplished on you know my engineers are gonna work from home you know couple minor cancel has soared from home just three climate but on they're gonna be working on getting the next events card ready go over its racetrack so we're gonna make it work but it's it's certainly a challenge you know with the roster cuts to federal last appears every everybody stayed busy everybody had something to do so this is just another step up all right Jeremy you've got a busy day ahead of you best of luck and hopefully we'll see you guys in victory lane after the race thank you Sir appreciate stomp that's Jeremy Bowen's crew chief for Brad Keselowski they'll roll off in the first starting position today at Darlington coming up last year's southern five hundred winner Erik Jones will join us and later we'll head down to the starting grid where Kim Koon had a new house we'll track down some drivers as our pre race coverage ahead of the real heroes four hundred at Darlington Raceway continues Derek's arriving out of parts story.

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