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Talk more about other services and tools in the ecosystem that people might be using flow go with so for example, I think of things like AWS Lambda, or perhaps any number of these you know, is for machine learning like image recognition or object, classification or audio transcription. How do you see flow? Go fitting into that increasing server 'less application ecosystems, but funny that that you ask about about to release. So we were actually the at least the first application integration vendor that launched a native Lambda support for flow, go. So remember that notion a bit bit earlier where I said that the flow go flow, we can is essentially a function. So essentially, what would happen is you can you can leverage this notion of a Lambda trigger the Lambda trigger when. You Bill droplets nation, you essentially every flow that has a Lambda trigger gets produced as as its own function that can then run on on AWS Lambda. So we've even seen people use the Lambda trigger to write flow applications at actually serve up a Alexa, actions and things like that. So they've found it to their their echo. And then and then you can ask, you know, the to do certain things, and then it ends up hitting a flow. Go flow that's running in Lambda as a function who any of the logic, though, keep my not all of the event driven capabilities make fences Lambda functions so flows clearly do because they're kind of kind of this this singular event processing process engine if you will. But but say, you know, a contextual rules engine doesn't really make all that much sense as the Lambda function because hey, you know, once the function stops. He you must you have to assume that you're any state that you are persisting is now gone. So we definitely have things for for Landau girl. So looking at as your function support as well as Google cloud. Function support as well. So so server list is something that we truly believe as as being a being something that is quite important for for developers in the developers end and ops ops guys in the future. So were really supporting that. And then also the event driven notion of server service fits fits, very well within an are event driven pattern also flow. Go came out of Tipco where you guys work. Why is this being built at Tipco? What were the customer problems or the just ecosystem changes that you were seeing that led you to building flow go, so yeah, that is fantastic question a couple of things. So obviously, we decided that we needed to evaluate how proper cloud native and edged compute devices would function in the future and how we build technologies that support deployment paradigm and devices. So that that was one angle, and we also firmly believe that open source is the right solution. So if you take. Step back. I mean, we fundamentally believe open sources kind of the tip of the spear from an innovation perspective innovational happen in the community, it'll happen openly and will mature the product as a community not so much as a singular company. So that that's also a pretty big shift from from our historical strategy, which is something that I'm quite proud of men and really proud to be part of it's exciting. So yeah, it's it's like, you you kinda I guess the underlying point to your question was this fascinating..

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