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I'll just start with a few minutes. We have left it in my Let's just start it all comes back to pitching. And it was Affeldt, Cassia, Romo and Lopez back in the day, right? And now this performance by this bullpen last night, the six guys they threw out there from from Trevor got the new closer to Tyler Rogers, who had to get through a hairy situation. So Rico Garcia to Sean Anderson, who you compared to Rob Nan, which was incredible toe, Wandy Peralta. So Rico Garcia, like I don't want to stay after one night, A bullpen was born, but Sam Kun. Rod, I didn't mention there was there was some eye opening stuff. Ah, And I mean stuff both like big picture and small picture stuff. You tell me, Mike, is this bullpen sort of born last night? Well, I think it actually happened in the exhibition. Siri's against the ace when they went Back to back days, and each day they had nine guys throw And you could see some confidence coming in. And here's the deal. No, we shot we saw Sean Anderson. We saw him as a starter. Then he had put the pan and then we saw. You know a guy who's got a good slider, but throw too many of them in the more it. Throw the First they got and he was afraid of his fastball on was in on. It wasn't happening. And I said this when he came in the game on sad on Saturday is like Ah, this is good. I didn't have any confidence in him. And then Saturday, Saturday's game he goes in there. And He's throwing 95 96. He's got a changeup. So where the hell did this come from? He's gotta change. Now. A sudden the changes that he can throw a fast ball accounts gives him another look another speed. It gives them confidence to get that fastball in the strike zone. It's ludicrous to me to think I could go 96 97 not have Have the courage that killed in the strike zone. But that's what had happened to him. Now, You said the change of allows him to go back in the strike zone with the fastball, and now he's got two looks, and now he saves his best pitch, which is the slider enough going 345 times in a row. He's saving it. And when he does that thing up there, it's breaking anywhere from 80 to 91 miles. Pereira was straight down by CIA later we watch guys last night's ballgame into accounts. Completely sitting on the fastball from the guy. He goes, the slider. It bounces on home plate, and they're swinging at it. And that tells me that that that that slider is his deceptive. It gives the appearance of the fastball and then it disappears late. Wow, that guy got tightened up. And then you look at Kun Ride confront another guy. He stole 99 he's thrown another straight down by sliders. Where did that come from? He got tightened up. Juan de Peralta, who always had good arm. He's throwing 95 97 with a fastball. It is curb on the side. You couldn't tell the difference. Now you can. He had tightened up. Rico Garcia or disk. I come from This guy's 59 £200. Andi and he's got arm speed like Trevor. God, it is on you. And he's throwing 95 97 with an overhand curveball. Changeup. Where did they get this guy? I mean, the guy that we were highest Thomas. The guy we're most concerned about now is tired of Rodgers and he simply had a lot of bad luck. You want to be in the hero last night? So they've got so many good stories. Burger work. This guy come from the left Heathrow in mid nineties with a big curve ball. Oh, my God, and he's got some attitude. Where did this guy come from? So you Andrew Bailey, the Giants pitching coach, and they have three guys down there working on him. And they're making them better..

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