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There's even he gave me a bunch more clips checkout dreams and other living things this is a great album and there's a lot of great you know tony levin david sanchez jerry murata uh this some amazing musicians i mean you've played with some of the best a even just a story about joni mitchell strat i'm not worthy but it's just it it's amazing what what this album is of great album i i really like it and i think you guys be should check it out because the tone that he's getting and i really quick before we dive almost forgot to mention it is the most important thing that you've done musically and that's the flying finale brothers the tell us a little bit about the flying finn brothers flying finale rather is is a threepiece banned myself nick jameson a gary anthony williams and the entire act was based you could say i'm heckling and a hug the entire thing is like if heckling made taken to the highest level all three of us play lots of instruments and all three of us are very good at making up lyrics on the spot so in various ways we would get audience suggestions often were boil down to a subject or a type of music but and you've seen that you know who's lines that any way when was someone singing along with the piano doing the blue song that's the easiest version of this but we would live get a tidal what's the name of an opera an it was a hairdresser from her sita and i went into roberto begnini character at that point because he was a and then nick would play these strengths this strain opera sam that i made up a whole thing and semi fake italian and whatever we we had sat up split every time someone would see if they know at the setups word of the setup for just an excuse to make the whole thing up but lyrics on the spot really high level really fun rhymes with did deal and stuff we did reggae things we did a rat pack thing where like sinatra md mart see you name it but the musicianship was at a.

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