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Begging for relief komo's jennifer sullivan says after months of work the streetcar project has been held up and people in the neighborhood are frustrated businesses are closing this bookstore owner says if it wasn't for online sales keep the gone as well basically every few days i find out that another business is going to be leaving bevis and neighbors the 'cause they point directly outside their doors there's no parking the heavy machinery is constantly running in the dirt and dust is intolerable it all started with plans for the city streetcar line but after seeing how much that might actually cost mayor jenny durkan's office says it might not actually happen in march the mayor stopped the streetcar expansion the move came after an early view found a budget shortfall of nearly twenty five million dollars how did the streetcar project with a cost could spiral out of control get so far it's something city council has been asking and the city attorney's office is investigating jennifer sullivan komo news silence device that contract your cell phone and intercept information has been used by tacoma police for years komo's romero says that a judge has now find the city one hundred eighty two thousand dollars for deliberately withholding public records about the device city of tacoma is ordered to pay the fine as part of a lawsuit seeking public records about the device known as a cell site simulator scary it also has the capability to disrupt phone service for everyone nearby it has the capability to log all of the cell phone thereby as the capability to intercept information lisa nolan is with the aclu of washington which filed the suit on behalf of african american community leaders who are concerned about the effect of police surveillance particularly on young people now insist tacoma police had been using the device for at least six years without anyone's knowledge until two thousand fourteen one lawmakers then passed a law limiting their use but it's still happening we don't know our capabilities of the device it that's what we're trying to find out what the color police department has been very secretive about see romero komo news the city of seattle will not admit council members broke the law then reverse in a controversial employee head tax the city is willing to settle with a lawyer who claims they did james eagan sued earlier this month claiming city council members decided behind closed doors they would repeal the tax agin says that violates the state's open meetings act the seattle times reports city attorney pete holmes admits no wrongdoing but it is offering egan four thousand one dollars to settle the suit seattle is welcoming its largest athletic event ever this weekend sunday the special olympics usa games kickoff beth knox is president.

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