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And welcome to st bell cows. It's your host justin. i'm joined by evan. And today we're gonna do a little segment. We like to call champs and chumps another new and original segment that we're doing here on the podcast. We're going to break down. This past sunday's action pass. Monday will also look ahead to this thursday night football and we have great episode in store for you guys but i. I'm gonna let evan make a little bit of announcement a bell. Cows happy to have you on the pod. Weather's today we have some exciting breaking news. We've been playing around with some platforms trying to grow our social Presence out there and so we decided to make a twitter three guys so we can start getting some more subscriber interaction. Have some polls get your takes on each week and then Hopefully we'll be able to use some of your feedback. They each week to not only improve the pod but also just You know have some more interaction with you. Guys hear your thoughts. How your weeks are going with your dynasty teams. So you can find us on twitter. At dynasty bell cows right at the same name dicey balkhausen then also. If you wanna email us we have a email now dynasty bell cows aj email dot com. So go ahead and let us know your feedback. Your thoughts comments questions. Everything how your teams are doing it. Let us know when we have advised that. Pays off you guys. 'cause we love to hear that from you while Evan that's a great point you know as our listeners. This wouldn't be possible without you guys. We love our interactions. Were always welcome. Anyone like if you even want to hop on podcast laura hello. You're always welcome to were answer any questions that you have just trying to give you guys the best advice and the most help that we can so that you guys can build a great dynasty team or even if you're just a redraft person their stuff in here for you as well so yeah we just are super pumped to be able to communicate with you guys now through that new stuff. We're going to get ahead and get started here with the champs and chumps segment. And so it's gonna be pretty simple champs. You know guys that really rose to the occasion this past week. And then chumps guys that we were expecting to have a big week and well Fell quite short of that those expectations. So i'll start off first and this one's a little bit less dynasty less fantasy football related. Justin tucker deserves all the credit. I know evan ethic you at the game and as the lions fan it was definitely heart. Break for you guys. But i just can't get out of the fact that tucker kicked a sixty six yard game winning field goal within the final seconds it hits off. The crossbar are angles in. I know this kind of For your evan has lines fan. Oh always okay you now. We talked about who's great. A special teams player. Who's the greatest kicker while it might be just tucker now. Yeah that's a good point. Justin saw far listeners. Out there. I was at the game the last two minutes. The lions had the ball inside the twenty yard line. Ravens still had three timeouts. But i'm thinking okay so maybe we'll run the ball once and we'll try to do a little play action of gough roll out there. See if we can hit the andrea swift or tj hodkinson on multiple levels for a pass to get the first down. Or just try to score a touchdown. Because we've all been hearing you know from coach campbell. How he wants to be aggressive and change the culture and detroit. What we elected to do instead was run. The ball three straight plays take a field goal and then give the ball back to former twenty nineteen. Nfl mvp lamar jackson and like you said possibly the greatest kicker in nfl history. So i'm sitting there. I'm watching after the fourth nineteen convert of course and that justin talkers out. There warming up for his sixty six yard field goal. And i'm thinking in my head. I know a sixty six yards. But this is going in like. There's no way he's going to miss this like he's he's so hamas like the confidence in this man as he's just fuming way to kick the ball and as it left his foot like the whole stadium was just like roaring with You know sound from just cheering and moving and all sorts of stuff and then the the ball flies through the through mid air almost like a silent movie and that it hits the crossbar bounces up goes through and that's the game saw and the ravens players just you know mob field and everything it was. It was pretty wild. So i witnessed some history this week. Yeah the There you go. That's a big. Plus you get to witness history. Not for the ravens team probably will now hate for the rest of your life because of Syrian i find it funny how your new definitively kick was going in because it's a sixty six yard field goal. No other ignorance made a field goal greater than sixty. I think that's the sixty four map prayed. I think host. Yeah there's a few that have sixty three. I'm self not only was that sixty five fuel sixty six and here. You are a fan of the game as a lions fan. You've gone through so much heartbreak. That not even like question. You know the accolade to make that kick and yet Odds and probability tell you there's less than ten percent but then again as justin tucker. I love that you are there to witness that. I know a little bit unfortunate but i think so. Cool that you get to witness history. That definitely a cool moment for sure. Talk about the thursday night football game. I had to get that. Justin tucker thing Out there first because that was just an amazing moment at this special teams doesn't get enough credit nowadays in the game. But before i forget let's preview this thursday night football game between the jaguars and bengals. What are your thoughts in this game. Coming up yeah. So i actually saw. The jaguars are three. They had a they actually a decent first half against arizona. They had that long jamaa had that long field goal. Return off the mist Sixty eight yard attempt by matt prater. So he tried to break his own record there and then came up a yard short jamal. Agnew takes us to the house to former lions so that the jaguars I was actually pretty impressed by their play. They were outgunned playing. There's cardinals this weekend. But they finally got the running game moving with james robinson he had over twenty points a fancy this week i think. Eighty something guards in touchdown and then trevor lawrence. He's continued to throw the ball lot. Marvin jones's up some good numbers chocolate. Pretty good so..

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