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3.5 FM and WTO dot com You live in 28 Traffic and weather together on the 8th Carlos Ramirez on the traffic center Thanks to all of your headed northbound on I 95 after the center for Parkway do watch out for the work crews out there looks like a single right lane is what's getting by a little slow there as you head up towards the Stafford exit That exit for courthouse road that is Now last night they did close a few lanes Well they actually closed all of I 95 at a certain point overnight Now vdot doesn't form that that might be the case tonight as well If they do have a closure it will be on the northbound side Keep an eye on the 8s they'll let you know Regardless if you want to avoid it all together just in case we don't catch it here on the right when it happens Route one after 17 might be an option if you want to just bypass that and be safer than sorry As of now you are seeing the delays and you should have a single lane getting by 66 of your headed westbound from route 7 towards the beltway single and get you by there The delays are completely gone the work crew is still out there still just a single lane getting by but traffic is now light enough that it's not going to slow you down too dramatically Interlude with the beltway the work crew is along the left Go ahead and stay to the right between 50 and 66 And if you're headed on 66 eastbound Vita doesn't form that they will have work out there affecting the ramp that takes you onto 28 so be aware of that they may be closing that tonight as well In Maryland to 70 looking all right no issues on 95 or the BW Parkway inner loop of the beltway or correction I'm sorry south outside of New Hampshire avenue as you make way past the beltway That looks like the right lane is taken up with a work crew there Carlos Ramirez WWE traffic Oh thank you Now your storm team four four day forecast NBC four is Ryan Miller looking for clearing conditions here tonight and through the early morning hours here for your Wednesday It's going to be a cold one We're going to see temperatures into the 40s.

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